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    I have been searching over the windows store and did visited WordPress website, looking for official windows 10 mobile app. But I didn’t find it anywhere.

    Though third party apps are available but those don’t work very well. I don’t get it, why WordPress doesn’t have it’s app on windows store whereas it is available on android and iOS.

    I am feeling really.. really.. weird that even after launch of project islandwood by Microsoft to easily port iOS app on windows store, there is no sign of it not even beta version is available.

    I know WordPress has desktop app but what is its use. You can easily make UWP apps

    ….come on wordpress we need the app on windows store. Thanks :)

    P.S looking forward to upvotes and progress..



    Yes, a native windows 10 UWP app would be great.



    Thank you for your feedback.

    However, there are no plans at this time to create a Windows Mobile version of the WordPress app.

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