WordPress app needs manual language selection option

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    Go absolutely nowhere with this on the general forum, trying again here.

    In the past, it has been possible to circumvent the force locale ‘feature’ WordPress uses by installing a Custom Locale app on Android (this was never possible on iOS). This allowed the user to use WordPress on Android in locales that are not shipped with the handset in question (like ours, Scottish Gaelic). But as of Android 4.2, Google has blocked such apps. This means I can no longer access the WordPress app through my preferred language.
    All mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows) should have a menu item where the user can select their preferred UI language. This would still allow force locale to remain in place for those lucky enough to have a handset in their preferred language but also enable manual selection for those less fortunate or those who simply wish to use a different UI language.

    The blog I need help with is akerbeltzalba.wordpress.com.



    Thanks for your suggestion. I have passed this to the development team.

    I’m just curious, what’s your reason for not using the app in your OS UI language? Do you feel the translation for the app is incomplete/low quality that you’d rather use the English version, or do you just prefer another language for the app itself?


    The number of locales offered on handsets is usually severely limited by the manufacturer and often with little regard to what (some) users might actually want. In our case, Gaelic is offered as a locale on some Windows Phones, but not Android or iOS, so if you simply want to use an app in your own language, you cannot. Real life example – Opera Mini – which actually HAS a localized version for Android and iOS but you can’t get at it because the handset does not offer the locale.
    In our case you could call it a ‘preference’ for a certain locale but in other cases, it’s much more of a problem if users are actually not proficient in most of the locales offered by the handset. Take large swathes of Africa for example where many people are not that fluent in English or French and could really benefit from having something like WP in their own language – but there’s no point of localizing WP if you then have to beg each individual manufacturer to ship your locale.

    This is why some of the more user-friendly apps (like Mozilla Mobile or VLC) offer a manual override in the options these days.

    I’m not suggesting that WP removes the force-locale thing as a feature, for many users I’m sure it’s convenient, but it should offer an alternative for users who prefer or need a different language.



    Great, thanks for your detailed explanation. Sorry if it sounded like I was arguing against your case, I just wanted to know that if you were finding the existing translation to be lower quality than expected.

    One of our Android developers filed an issue against their app here:
    I’ll let you know when iOS one is updated as well.

    We can’t promise the timing for including this in the apps, but we agree that it’s a useful feature to have. Please keep your eye on the issue tracker for future updates and technical discussions.


    That’s ok Naoko, I’m happy to explain, it is not possible for developers to anticipate all problems that may be faced some locales :)

    Thank you for your help and assessing this as a useful feature and getting the request filed on git, I have subscribed to the topic.



    Great news!
    The next version of WordPress for Android 3.9 added a language selector feature.
    Please check it out after its final release (coming very soon) and let us know how you think.
    Thanks for your feedback!


    Wow that is great news, thank you so much!!


    Just installed the upgrade, works beautifully, I can’t thank you enough Naoko + the devs who worked on this. You have earned the undying gratitude of WPers across the planet who use WP on Android in languages their phone doesn’t support. <3 <3

    I small request, please don’t close this topic yet because we still need the same for iOS (and Windows Phone, in case that app is in active development)



    That’s great, thanks for testing it out. I shared your comment with the Android developers who worked on this :)

    Windows Phone is no longer actively developed, so it’s very unlikely that we have the language selector feature on that app.
    I’ve notified the lead iOS developer about the request. I’ll leave this post as unresolved. Please note the comment area will automatically close if there isn’t any activity for a while, but I’ll make sure to share any updates in the future.


    Ok, thanks for info re Windows Phone and for notifying iOS devs. I’ll keep my eyes peeled :)

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