WordPress app needs manual language selection option

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    In the past, it has been possible to circumvent the force locale ‘feature’ WordPress uses by installing a Custom Locale app on Android (this was never possible on iOS). This allowed the user to use WordPress on Android in locales that are not shipped with the handset in question (like ours, Scottish Gaelic). But as of Android 4.2, Google has blocked such apps. This means I can no longer access the WordPress app through my preferred language.
    All mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows) should have a menu item where the user can select their preferred UI language. This would still allow force locale to remain in place for those lucky enough to have a handset in their preferred language but also enable manual selection for those less fortunate or those who simply wish to use a different UI language.

    The blog I need help with is akerbeltzalba.wordpress.com.

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