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Wordpress ate my post!

  1. I tried to post yesterday but the site was having difficulty so I decided to wait and come back. Today everything was working fine until I hit "publish." All I got as a message about being unable to find the server and when I clicked back, everything was gone! Is there any way to retrieve my post??

  2. This happened to me several times. I lost the whole post each time. I think that for longer posts where i'll be devastated by a total loss, I'll be hitting the save and continue button ocassionally.

  3. I'll be hitting the save and continue button ocassionally.

    If you know anything about computers, you should be doing that anyway.

    As stated in many other threads, Matt and crew are updating servers this week. You might be running into that.

  4. if after hitting a 'Publish'/'Save' buttons you can see an error message which states smth like: "unable to find the server", keep on pressing 'Refresh' button in your browser instead of the 'Back' one untill server will be 'found' -- it may (at some extent) increase chances that you wont loose your work which took an hour(s) to type, markup and so on.

    another advice is related to all web-services in the world where you had to type on a lengthy text chunk right in the browser's 'TextArea' (that is where you'd type a text to reply this post):

    * if you're not on the public place terminal: prepare a text you plan to post in your old plain vanilla offline desktop text editor (there are plenty of for every OS).

    do not use any web based editor (Writely and whatnot) when/wherever you have such a possibility.

    * and if you don't have one: Select all the text you've typed and Copy it to the clipboard before pressing any form submitting buttons.

    welcome to the 'Web 2.0' world!

  5. Although I ran into the same problems as were reported above yesterday I didn't lose a word of anything. actually use a word when the "reconnecting to server" hiccup happened. I type all my posts offline in a word processing program, spell check them there, save them to my own computer and then I go online and cut & paste them into my WordPress blog "new" post boxes. In fact I'm surprised to hear that anyone would actually spend hours on line typing into little text boxes and taking the chance of losing all their work when the option I've described is readily available to us all. (This is not to mention, of course, that it costs money to be online star gazing and repharsing and contemplating how to say this or that. By the time the system change hiccupping was done I had all my stuff written, saved on my own computer and ready to cut & paste into my blog. I recommend others take the stress out of their lives by trying this approach.

  6. TT, I write everything off line as well unless it's a two second post.

  7. timethief, you're missing the whole point of the web [2.0] industry ;-) well, it appears you don't belong this target group, anyway.

    in fact, it doesn't necessary to be a MS Word -- vi[m],WordPad, [x]emacs or any other text editor bundled with an OS will do. the only desired requirement is a word wrapping.

    let alone a number of offline desktop blog publishing clients [with WYSIWYG and HTML editors built in].

  8. as some above have said, i totally recommend writing offline or copying it first because i use dialup and i've enough experience of writing something long only to have my dialup disconnect or the typical 'unable to find the server'. but even writing offline you should save occassionally if it's an important post - too many times i've had blackouts or hanging computers

  9. I'm with sulz.
    Options - If you think I'm missing the point and truly want me to get it, and aren't just posturing or patting yourself on the back for having superior knowledge then you could consider trying to speak to me in plain English. As a newbie it's the only language that I am fluent in.
    Another idea worth trying would be to share exactly who you think the target group is and why I don't "fit" it. (Perhaps you are possessed of some knowledge of me that I've been overlooking and you'll be able to provide me with some insight.)
    But most of all I'm counting on you be able to explain precisely what this phrase of yours written above actually means in plain English:"in fact, it doesn't necessary to be a MS Word -- vi[m],WordPad, [x]emacs or any other text editor bundled with an OS will do. the only desired requirement is a word wrapping."
    Can you do that please? By the way "can" means are you able and I chose it over and above using the word "would" in order to express myself very clearly. Oh, and thanks in advance, for your timely and kindly reply.

  10. timethief, sincerely I didn't intend you to become a Web 2.0 consumer ;-) again using tools like WP means de facto we already got into this stuff. just don't take that so seriously, please. there was nothing personal in that post except your handle and (by the way) it was marked with a smiley which is usually supposed to denote phrase as a humour.

    in contrary, phrase "in fact, it doesn't necessary to be a MS Word, any other text editor bundled with an OS will do. the only desired requirement is a word wrapping" has a literal meaning. could you please, tell me which of the words it consists of makes it so hard to apprehend?

    [oh, my God, just noticed that Notepad can wrap words too -- so it can be used as a 'word processing program' as well, no spell checking though]

    I am really sorry if my post appeared to be such a confusing, hope it wont manage to leave you out of humour (I know it can -- this happened to me). this is a problem of distant communications: it's hard to understand even tete-a-tete and we can't see or merely hear each other.

    PS free plain English lesson is appreciated, thanks ;-)

  11. options - okay so here's the scoop. I felt hurt like I'd been smacked down by someone feeling superior and I didn't have a clue what you were talking about. My "handle" is actually a double entendre. I'm stealing time away from other productive things I could be doing if I wasn't sick. And without becoming maudlin I'm living on borrowed time so I want to make the most and best of each moment I have left. I read all the linked parts in wikipedia that you left me above and it was like trying to learn a whole college course in one sitting. I'll have to go back and read the text editor bundled and text wrapping part again a couple of times and then match it up with what you first said to me until I really get it. Please don't groan, but I'm still not clear what I'm missing about the whole point of the web. Anyway don't sweat it - if I persist in trying to learn more I'll see the light and I'm known to be a very persistent person :)

  12. I seem to have to point this out a fair bit, but not everyone here is a native English speaker. Bear this in mind before you start sniping at each other for being insulting and unclear, please?

    [removes illegitimately pilfered moderator hat]

  13. how assuming of me to think a thief would denote a male blogger =P. i've received a referrer from you, timethief but i don't see my link anywhere in your blog? but i've only gave it a quick gaze...

  14. sulz: And specifically your point would be? I'm asking you to please clarify what you mean by a male blogger =P because I really don't understand what you are trying to convey to me.
    wank: Sniping is not what I did. I spoke in formal English when I felt hurt and spoke in slang when I recognized that options had intended no offence. Options and I seem to be doing just fine as far as communicating goes. I've re-read the sections and think I get the orginal point now. However, I do agree that it would be more inclusive if we did not use slang on the forum.

  15. i just thought you're a male blogger as opposed to a female one. when one thinks of thief one (well me at least) naturally think of a male, just like how some other occupations are usually male-dominated or connotated... that's not the point of my posting though as you can see

  16. Now you know why I usually say "he or she" around here. :)

  17. Ahhh... and DUH she replied to sulz [with the heel of her hand hitting her brow]. I'm sorry I was so dense but I'm on such a learning curve that what's obvious has become more difficult to fathom than what's deep. I'm now spending ages every day looking everything up in wikipedia so I can follow the dialogue between bloggers on the forum. It's a strange but remarkably effective way of vicarious learning and sometimes it's even relevant to questions that have arisen in my own mind. No need to respond as I think this thread is dead (what was the original subject again?)

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