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Wordpress Avatar Awards

  1. Because of the outrageously sexy in your face avatar I have long wondered if sulz is really a girl.................

  2. Amazed that one one has tagged me for most changed avatar yet...

    This probably should be in the offtopic subforum...

  3. hahahahaha i assure you i am totally girl, just far from sexy.

    i don't know why but when wank said cyberman, i had a picture of this before i saw what's a cyberman about. lol

    drmike: and you said you don't have enough time for sleep and such.

  4. I don't. Got about 7 hours last night though.

  5. if my avatar was to win an award it would have to be for Best Avatar Created Out of Sleepless Boredom.....yup definitely that award. :)

  6. jannette: and who are you going to thank?

  7. On my honeymoon my wife took a photo of me laying on the ground with my hands behind my head while in a massive lifesize chess set. Something happened with the flash exposure and turned out blurred and green..... Now that I explain that, my avatar makes sense....well....kinda ;)


  8. I nominate my avatar as the "sunniest". :D

  9. My avatar wins the best "Is that a girl?" award. And no, it is not a girl. It's Vega from Street Fighter II. And I am neither of them as well. Which fits in perfectly with my blog of wild fabrications and outright lies.

  10. I'd have to thank my insomnia for the sleepless part. :)

  11. I still think we should get gold stars though for reporting splogs.

  12. I think we should get cash, laptops, and massages from the movie star of our choice. I think I reported eight yesterday, all car/motorcycle sales. What were yours?

  13. Award: Fattest Cat in a Motherboard Box

    My avatar may or may not deserve to win because I was able to correctly guess the weight of a baby goat just by weighing my cat and figuring out how big he was in relation to the goat... and thus win an Xbox 360 from a Canadian start-up.

    Goat: 38.5 lbs
    Cat: 24 lbs

  14. drmike: you really are in need of a second childhood. gold stars!

  15. He doesn't need gold stars: he got an Xbox for overfeeding his cat!

    Actually, I bet my sister's are more than that. They're half domestic shorthair, half black bear.

  16. Best Avatar Depicting the Blue Sky Above F├ęcamp, France.

    I would like to thank the sky and my presence of mind for looking up at it and taking a picture.

  17. Nice judyb12. At first I thought you had a blue photo and photoshop smudged the edges. That is an extremely clear blue sky~!


  18. It's the real thing ;-) You can follow the Flickr link on my blog to see more beautiful skies from my vacation last week.

  19. My skies aren't that blue, but I enjoy the water drops of spring ;)


  20. That's beautiful!

  21. He doesn't need gold stars: he got an Xbox for overfeeding his cat!

    Actually, I bet my sister's are more than that. They're half domestic shorthair, half black bear.

    I swear I don't overfeed him. He's just very, very lazy.

  22. He's not fat, he's just bigboned. :)

  23. He'll make a lovely area rug someday.

  24. Maybe a hassock?

  25. I have dibs on him as a sweater.

  26. Our main male cat was like 24 pounds but very little fat. Just very big.

    But he loved kittens and helping out the mother strays we got left on our doorsteps.

  27. I nominate engtech's cat as the most vigilant looking avatar. IMO his relaxed appearance and personal habits indicate that he has a lot of common sense, enough that he doesn't waste his energy on sweating the small stuff. :)

  28. Oh, I gotta dispute that. Take another look at mine: the logo of the Office of Total Information Awareness, Department of Homeland Security. I think if anything it's a little over-vigilant.

  29. actually, that cat sweats the small stuff like it's nobody's business.

    he has a complete and utter fear of strangers, and anyone he knows magically turns into a stranger the minute they put a hat or shoes on.

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