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Wordpress biased against 40 year old virgin!

  1. Hi, I don't undertand why my recent blog wasn't in any of the tag searches. I use minimum categories, minimum tags, and it still doesn't show up under popular tag search. My blog article its:
    Blog url:

  2. There is no censorship here. It's quite the opposite. If you had used the searchbox, rather than leaping to conclusions and posting a thread with sensationized self-absorbed title, then you would be aware that the Topics pages are broken, there are others with the same issue and Staff are aware of the issues. This thread is flagged for Staff attention.

    BTW I have been here for over 6 1/2 years and the flow of traffic to blogs from the Topics pages is piddling small ie. negligible. It's Google and the other search engines that send a significant flow of traffic to blogs. if you want to increase traffic then learn basic white hat SEO and create a social networking strategy.

  3. I never had this happen me, so I wasn't sure if I was violating with adult content word. How did you know the topics pages were broken? It seems fine from my browser. I never use the searchbox, I just use the "popular tags" page for all my reading needs.

  4. She knows because she's an experienced WP user and a forum regular. But "broken" is a bad choice of word: it doesn't mean the pages won't render correctly in your browser, it means they won't display every post written by every user. Are you aware of the fact that users publish almost one million posts per day? As staff have explained, this means that the results on the more popular topics pages are randomized. In other words, the more popular your cats or tags, the less your chances of showing up on those topics pages.

  5. Well, her blogsite was definitely useful. Wish I would have found it when I first started
    Like I said, I was surprised with this one because I was always able to find my article within 1-3 pages when searching under a specic tag topic, in the past.
    As long as I know it wasn't due to censoring, I'm happy. Thanks.

  6. You're welcome. No, it's most definitely not due to censoring.

  7. well, I'm going to finish going through all the tutorials from Mz.Timetheif's blog before posting any more stupid
    Thanks for taking your time out to help me muddle through this, sir.

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