WordPress Blocked IP Address in China

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    I did a site for a friend who is in China. When she goes to the address she sees “the server cannot be found”. she was told locally that China blocks any IP address that posts a negative comment against china or Tibet so possibly all WordPress sites are blocked. Anyone know anything about this? The site is dharanyc.org which has a redirect to http://dharanyc.wordpress.com/



    Your friend can use the Tor proxy network to get around the censorship. Using proxies, filtering by Chinese ISPs can be circumvented. It would “appear” as though she is visiting an “approved” IP, when really she can use it as a gateway to the real destination which may be blocked. Even if the approval is revoked sometime in the future, Tor randomly selects a different proxy IP from the the list of participating nodes.

    So each time she browses, she is going through a different gate. And there are so many new ones popping up all the time, the censorship can’t keep up.

    The down side is that it does making browsing slow and may require several refreshes to make the page load. But it will load eventually.



    Thanks. I think we’ll move to a hosted site which on’t have the problem. It is the wordpress in the blog name apparently that gets censored and moving to a hosted site has been recommended. Thanks


    There are quite a few very critical blog here about China and elsewhere and instead of China simply blocking those blogs, they blocked all of wordpress.COM.


    My self-hosted blog is not blocked and I am getting a growing number of visitors from China.



    I’m going to Beijing for 2 months and was wondering if nowadays WP is still blocked… anybodody there who can confirm it?

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