WordPress blocked my blog citing Terms of Service Violation

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    Hi Members,

    yesterday i wrote this post


    On this post i posted links of eStores of Reebok & other vendors where visitors can log on & buy the official apparel online.

    I even included a disclaimer stating that the Reebok & other eStore links are not affiliate links & i as the webmaster is not affiliated to any of the merchant’s websites whose links i had posted & i dont intend to earn any money or affiliate income from the links as my motive was just to provide info for my visitors so that they can visit the estores & buy the apparel online.

    But even after this clear disclaimer, i was shocked to see that wordpress blocked my blog citing Terms of Service violation!!!

    Can somebody please help me out & tell me how can i get my blog restored



    The blog I need help with is cricketfever.org.



    Follow the instructions on your dashboard to contact the staff. They’ll get it sorted quickly. There should be a link right on your Dashboard to contact them, and if there isn’t, use this:

    And check your email. Look in the Spam file as well, sometimes WP emails get sent to spam.


    thank you raincoaster for your reply

    i have followed the link on the dashboard & i have written to support team, i have also sent a support request via http://support.wordpress.com

    Any idea, how many days they take to respond back & any chance on whether my blog will be reactivated, if i am willing to remove the post which apparently they had flagged as a violation?



    It can take awhile depending on the time of day they get your message, but they are easy to work with as long as you do what they tell you exactly.



    We had one DMCA notice about your blog.
    You had 79 links to a blogspot blog which showed live cricket using illegal feeds. I know that blog MUST be bad because Google removed it (which takes some doing).

    The blog existed to use all the right keywords to use our tags to send traffic to that blogspot blog.
    I close similar blogs every day and Brazilian blogs do it for their illegal football feeds. It is against the law and our tos bows to that.

    I cannot yet see a reason to reinstate the blog but if you want to make a case do as you have been advised above. Also – posting in the forums does not make things better, does not alter what has been done.

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