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Wordpress blocking comment posts on another blog?

  1. When I try to comment on KEXP Blog, it allows me to enter my website, However, the comment never appears, and I have been troubleshooting this with KEXP staff for days...they never see my comment. This morning I tried something new: I posted the comment and immediately re-posted it within the same minute. I got this error message from WordPress Error: "Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!"

    Help! It appears that you're blocking my comments from appearing on KEXP Blog, specifically:

    How? Why? Please help.
    [private phone number redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, your blog URL is not

    It is

    for a start.

    Other than that, we cannot help you. Their blog is not hosted on, and thus uses the somewhat different software from is not preventing your comment from appearing.

  3. Also, unless you are fond of getting phonecalls from 4chan, do not post your phone number in a public forum. It's not a good idea.

  4. There are 5 comments on that post, one of which appears to be yours. . .

  5. Hi, Raincoaster, thanks for the correction and advice. But if the error message ("duplicate post") is from WordPress, how are they not involved? Are you on WordPress staff? If not, I'm hoping to hear from WordPress Support staff, too.

  6. Hi, ronsrealm, thanks for your response. I see five posts, too, but none of them are mine. And KEXP staff has been telling me for days that they have not received any of my (repeated) posts... Somewhere in the chain, there's a glitch. I am able to post to other blogs, but not this one. :-(

  7. Clutching at straws, but have you tried switching browsers?

  8. Hi glennled,

    Since the KEXP Blog is a self-hosted blog we can't offer much help here. You should check the support page for which can be found here:

    One thing I would suggest is to check the comment settings on the Settings -> Discussion page and see if comment moderation is turned on.

  9. Hi, Guys, thanks very much for all your help. KEXP finally found the problem and fixed it. Guess what? My ~6 attempts over several days to post one little comment (I'm ignorant and stubborn and thus dangerous) all ended up in their SPAM folder simply because of my URL. But all is resolved, and my comment is now posted. Not that it's important or special to the world, but it became so to me. Hope I'm now on their safe list. ;-)

  10. To clarify: as stated above, there are two kinds of WordPress. That an error message from "Wordpress" shows up on an externally-hosted blog does not imply that it's hosted here. It's just an automated message from the software.

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