WordPress Blog Accuse us of stealing when it does the worst thing possible!

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    This is The Official TeenScoops on WordPress, we’ve been running for like 5 months, with the URL:http://www.teenscoops.co.cc
    When we signed up with WordPress, we never knew who has Blogs on it! We just ordered TeenScoops and got it!
    2 weeks ago, some “BJay” guy sent a comment saying that we are copying them! Actually they were the Teen Scoop (http://teenscoop.wordpress.com)
    And we had NO POSTS ALIKE! But the same name, with some commun widgets
    But WordPress gave us the name, they have nothing to do with this! And the widgets aren’t theirs in the first place! Many Blogs have them! And our commun Background is a WordPress option that we change all the time! So if we haven’t copy any articles from them, they have no right to accuse us of stealing!
    So what did he do? He sent a comment using another name, saying that he was a BIG FAN of the TeenScoops and visited it ALL the time and wanted to be a staff member! When someone says STAFF member he means trust me and give me your damn password so that I can add things! But HE WAS STUPID! He used the same PC and we got the same IP, and figured out it was The Teen Scoop. He wanted to be a staff member so that he gets our password and delete the TeenScoops! How stupid is that? Like accusing us of copying than doing this?? It’s worst!
    What do you think about it??!?!






    It sounds like you figured out to be careful who you give password to. and you did your homework.

    Is this a support question?



    Just don’t ever add people as admins on your blog. That’s the quickest way to get it deleted, with no way back.

    Also, you can set your blog to catch the other person’s comments as spam and just ignore them.



    Why not just let the drama die and let this thread get buried like the last one….



    See? Always this sort of personal perception to ‘cyber content theft’ that goes irrational, and ugly. Yeah, kids.




    Is it just me or is their English a little rough around the edges?



    Not more of this!

    I think you should find the most expensive lawyer you can and set up an appointment with him.

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