WordPress blog cannot be seen in the Google Chrome desktop version.

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    So we’ve published our site, but it only shows up in the mobile browser versions… As soon as we type in the domain in the Google Chrome desktop version (and also Ecosia), it only shows the Coming Soon page. We’ve already seen that we might need to clear the cache in order for it to show up properly, but we did that and wonder if there’s a bug or if we did anything wrong.

    The blog I need help with is gamlamoderjord.wordpress.com.


    Hi there,

    I can see your site gamlamoderjord.wordpress.com perfectly on both the desktop and mobile.

    You can also use the incognito mode of Chrome to view your website.
    If it appears fine to you then you just need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies to view your updated site:




    Hi there,

    it only shows the Coming Soon page

    What is the address of the site you’re speaking of? WordPress.com does not offer any type of Coming Soon page for sites hosted with us, nor do I see anything matching that description if I look at http://gamlamoderjord.wordpress.com/ – all I see there is an empty WordPress.com site displaying “Nothing Found” on the front page.

    If you’re building a site using the open source WordPress software at another hosting provider, please contact that hosting provider for help, as it’s possible you have not properly configured something on their end.

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