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    Hey everyone,

    My name is BJay, and I’ve been running The Teen Scoop for a little over a year now, and we get an average of 10,000-15,000 unique visits per day. We’re with The Boxxet Network; Partners with FanScape.com, and GrlTlk.org.

    BUT, now this site called “TEENSCOOPS”…oh, so original, came out of no where. http://www.teenscoops.wordpress.com, basically has copied many features from my site, onto theirs. They even have the same Who.Is.Online counter as us, same layout, and “Celebrity Of The Week” featurette.

    Does anyone know what I can do to get this blog deleted, or at least to change its content???

    I know it might seem like I’m whining, or whatever, but I’ve worked my butt off on this site for a long time…this whole “TEENSCOOPS” thing gets under my skin.



    You don’t own the copyright on widgets or the arrangement of them unless you wrote the widget in question yourself. Who.Is.Online would probably own the copyright to their widget, for instance. And I, personally, am aware of a large number of sites that have a Celebrity of the Week feature.

    If they are not copying your original content, as in photos and stuff you have written yourself, and you have not trademarked the name Teenscoop, there is probably nothing you can do. You can try reporting it to staff on Monday:


    They may have deleted because it says server not found.


    Oh wait. It’s not deleted. You placed a comma in the link which made it invalid. Here’s the blog still active. Sorry. http://teenscoops.wordpress.com/



    Okay! This is so stupid!
    1) They don’t own WordPress, so we have the right to chose the Background we want (We have the same)
    2) They DON’T OWN any widgets, so the counter isn’t a big deal! MANY BLOGS and SITES have this!
    3) We have the name not only on WordPress, but on Blog.com, Skyrock.com, Blogger.com and Weblog.com and many others! The WordPress.com gave it to us, so you can just shut up!

    Like HOW STUPID IS THIS FROM YOU GUYS! I though you apologized!
    Just delete the darn thing!
    And one more thing, if you’re gonna take this way, in the name of the whole TeenScoops Staff I say in loud voice in front of everybody here, that you won’t be satisfied! It’s not because you have The Teen Scoop for 1 years that you have the right to make others NOT have another BLOG! Like get a life and Delete this stupid thing! We’re not having the TeenScoops to have some stupid kid saying that we steal his stuff! LIKE C”MON MAN!


    The Teen Scoop have no right to say that! He is right, you own nothing than The Teen Scoop! If he stole an article or a a Text Widget or a Poll or… You’re right! But here, you just embarrassed yourself!



    Honestly, would you kids mind keeping your sock puppets holstered?


    Didn’t your momma ever tell you, “Imitation is the best form of flattery?” Unless, of course you’re imitating an idiot. That’s a whole other story….. :P



    Second Rain on this.
    Just cool down… and why fight when you can chat chat?



    TeenScoops and TheTeenScoop is too much of a coincidence. And also the same layout?? One blog works hard doing what they do and then someone else comes along and takes basically the same name and layout and features and widgets is so completely wrong. TeenScoops should know betterand should get a serious beatdown. It’s too much of a coincidence. And how can you not research your blog name to see if it wasn’t already taken if you’re completely innocent in all of this?



    I didn’t research my blog name and it turns out there’s another raincoaster, but he’s a 57 year old nudist, so it’s not too hard to tell us apart.



    Is it just me, or does it seem like pornstarbabylon is making this up to advertise all those “teen” sites? I think he and “teenscoops” are either friends, or the same person. Just a sneaking suspicion.



    I mean, you come here posting URLs, and basically advertising how many hits you get. That’s a dead giveaway right there.


    I was checking my recent posts on the forum and replied again. Yeah ya caught me! Teen blogger by day while porn blogger by night. Oy!



    Uh.. Well. It DOES look like the same site. :x



    check the forum, pornstarbabylon has been a big help. please make sure you can back up statements about suspicions.

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