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Wordpress blog does not display theme and other customisation options

  1. My WordPress blog does not display theme options. It is using the "Neat" theme. It is a very old blog and I am happy to reset it but I want to keep the name, Any suggestions.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To reach the themes, go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.

    Or shortcut it all with

  3. Thanks for your feedback but there is no appearance tab under this particular blog - all my other blogs have it but not this one.

    When I follow the link I receive a message which says "The page requested does not exist"

    Any suggestions as to why or how I can reset it?

  4. You cannot access any blog and work on it unless you are logged in under the username account that registered the blog.

    You can visit and if required click "Need More Help?"

    If that's does not work for you then the account recovery form is here

  5. I am logged into the username account and have access to the dashboard and yet there are no options available for themes or other customisation tools.

  6. no options available for themes

    The only themes we can use are here > Appearance > Themes

    or other customisation tools

    There won't be access to customization tools unless you purchase a cusom design upgrade.

  7. Thanks for your ongoing comments however...
    I do not have an Appearance Tab on my dashboard.

    here is the screenclip of what I can see...

    Any ideas?

  8. It looks as if your an Editor of the blog, not an admin. Did you create the blog using a different username?

  9. @ralphestherby: only a blog administrator can change themes and appearance, and you don't have administrator rights on

    For more information on user roles, please see the following support article:

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