WordPress Blog Import, LaTeX parsing failure

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    This is just a heads-up to Staff that when exporting a WordPress blog (with posts containing LaTeX formatting), and then importing the XML file to a different WordPress blog / subdomain, the backslashes in the LaTeX code (“\”) get parsed out and so the LaTeX imports from the original (I’ve confirmed it’s correct in the XML file):
    $latex a \times b$ to: $latex a times b$. Understandably, this rather ruins the LaTeX formatting..

    Thankfully I’ve got all instances of LaTeX usage on my blog properly tagged (so the posts will be easy for me to find and fix), but I thought I should report this potentially-devastating import / formatting bug for future users of the import tool.

    Thanks for taking a look at it!

    The blog I need help with is deowyth.wordpress.com.



    Nevermind, it appears to have been a time-lapse thing. Waiting an hour re-added the backslashes.




    … (this is embarrassing) …

    Actually, this still is a bug. I had accidentally looked at my WordPress installation that I had exported.. instead of the imported copy.

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