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Wordpress blog link to WordPress site

  1. I've had a WordPress blog for a while and just recently decided to make our whole website on WordPress. Is there anyway to link our blog to our new website?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think what you need is in Dashboard > Tools >Import. Did it work?

  3. If you simply want to import your content from to, then what @robslunardi suggested is the way to go. You can read the full instructions here.

    If you want to export your blog to , then you'll need to export instead.

    If you mean something else, can you be a bit more specific? It is possible to use domain mapping to map your site to, but the blog would still be under the ToS.

  4. Thanks for the responses. I'll clarify, I want to move just my blog posts from the WordPress site to Is that possible? I have already worked some on setting up my New theme, etc and don't want to import all new settings, just blog posts.

  5. Go to this page and see what's possible there please >
    Then go to Tools -> Export in your dashboard

  6. Thanks for all the help guys. My original goal was to link the accounts, but this way will work just fine. I successfully exported and imported just the posts. Thank you!

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