WordPress blog page not loading after domain mapping

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    I mapped WordPress blog to a custom domain (www.socialmantra.net) I purchased. Soon after mapping both the WordPress blog page and the email server are giving problems. The WordPress blog/site doesn’t show-up most of the time.

    The blog I am having problem with is http://www.socialmantra.net

    The blog I need help with is socialmantra.net.



    socialmantra.net – loads fine for me – you might have a caching issue – try clearing your cache

    This should get you pointed in the right direction for email




    @auxclass Thanks. Have cleared cache and cookies several times, but the problem persists. The problem persists on my BlackBerry and on my friends’ computers (both Windows and Mac). On most occasions, the site doesn’t load; then suddenly it loads without any specific reason. It’s an enigma. Feel it’s a WordPress problem. Please help.



    It looks like some routers are slow to update their cache


    this is one of those times – DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING – you just need to wait for the internet to finish updating

    You will be the last one to have a stable site due to caching issues – have a tall cool or warm favorite drink and relax

    Patience Grasshopper


    @auxclass Surely, this can’t be your best answer!! It’s been a month like this!!



    It is my best answer –

    See the global name server settings: http://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/socialmantra.net

    Your name servers are not updating – I don’t know if you change the name servers every few hours or if you have set something else strange –

    Don’t whack me about “best answers” I don’t get paid to try and help you – this is a peer forum of fellow bloggers –

    Do you have some sort of redirect somewhere?

    Any other setting other than name servers?

    You are a bit rude but I will flag this for the staff to review things anyway



    If the following is how your name servers are set – they your site will never load reliably – need to only be pointing to WordPress.COM

    Your name servers are as follows:


    Follow these instructions: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/map-existing-domain/


    @auxclass I appreciate your help in responding to my query.

    Didn’t mean to be rude. I was merely responding to a techie suggesting that the only thing to do is simply wait for the problem to be resolved on its own (considering the fact that a month has already gone by waiting).

    I don’t even know what a ‘redirect’ is. Nor do I know what name servers are. That’s how poor my knowledge is in these tech matters. I’m working on faith – hoping that the service I paid WordPress for will work.




    It looks like the name servers are not set correctly – that is changed where your domain name is registered – if the extra name server is set to DNS4.DOMAINREGISTRATIONINDIA.COM – things will never work

    Go back to your registrar and review the settings for the name servers – if you are not comfortable working with the settings at your registrar then all registrars have some sort of help system or tech support – ask them for help – refer them to this thread if you want – there is also a link above on mapping to an existing domain name – give your registrar that link also


    @auxclass Thanks for taking so much trouble to help.

    The domain registration and mapping was done by a friend. Let me look him up and try to sort this problem using the link/procedure you’ve suggested. The DNS4 thing is probably the glitch in the system.


    @auxclass Many thanks.

    Got rid of that damned DNS4 thing and the site seems to be loading without any problems on Chrome. Firefox and IE are still giving problems. Guess these’ll get sorted out too. :)



    Every time a change is made it takes a while for the changes to reach the far corners of the internet – Domain Helper now shows just the correct three name servers – so keep the faith – caching issues can be a problem – you can try clearing the browser caches again

    good luck


    @auxclass Thank you.



    There were a couple of routers that just hung onto the old info for what looked like forever

    I love it when a plan comes together :)

    You be welcome

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