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    Sorry for confusing topic title. I`ve been experiencing some problems with my blog since about 12 hours. Those can be seen on screenshot: http://screenup.pl/?l=2V4VS72 as well as on live site: http://charibo.wordpress.com/ . Look at the bar on the left – the should be categories and pages out there.
    I haven`t done anything, I just entered by blog in the morning and noticed that. I cannot log in nor open any of the pages.

    Looking forward to your help,
    Maurycy Chomicz



    this is weird someone else had a similar problem except with their blogroll links missing. Maybe you should contact support.



    I’m having problems too. http://mxyzplk.wordpress.com/

    First my page links and blogroll were gone, then the links and blogroll came back but the links were duplicated in every category and the comments widget is all messed up. I’m logged in to WordPress but now it’s asking me for a login for my dashboard, but it’s not working and the forgot my password link just goes to a “mail disabled” error. I suspect they’re doing some messing around and it’ll work itself out eventually.



    We have a bug with widgets. Send in a support request and we’ll add you to our list to notify when it’s fixed.



    It appears to be fixed right now. I`ll chceck it tommorow once more.

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