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    Instead of signing up with a new service, I noticed that WordPress.com has a blog reader feature that shows the latest articles from your favourite blogs.

    Most sites with RSS feeds can be added even if they’re not WordPress blogs. In the “Blogs I follow” tab, articles from all the blogs appear.

    In the “edit list” mode there is the ability to mark each blog as “Get New Posts By Email”, but that doesn’t appear for non-Wordpress blogs. When you add a non-Wordpress blog it shows the “By Email” drop down menu but it’s greyed out, and if you reload the page, the dropdown disappears totally.

    Is this a bug? A deliberate strategy? The reader clearly still shows new articles from the non WordPress blogs, but I want them emailed.


    The “by email” stuff has to be set up on the other end, at the blog itself. Since wordpress has no control over sites outside of wordpress.com, it cannot offer that service. If fact, those other blogs might not even have that capability, or might not have it activated.



    Oh, I knew there were lots of other services that you plugged just any rss feed into and it emailed you the updates, I figured this worked the same, drat.


    Yeah, they don’t have things set up that way here.

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