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WordPress Blog Search Is Teh Sux

  1. I don't understand how:

    1) They cannot have results appear in reverse chronological order

    2) Cannot delete duplicate entries

    I did a search last night that had 562 results. The date order was all screwy and I'd say 30-40% of the results were the other 60-70% duplicated.

    Do they intend to improve it? Or are we stuck with that useless thing?

  2. Do you have anything positive to share on the forums, today?!?!?!

  3. Yeah: If you can't give an answer, you should piss off. How's that, twit?

  4. If you wish to insult, use your blog because you are not using the forums.

  5. Was wondering when that would happen.

  6. Trust me - this isn't the first place he has been banned.

  7. Well, in some weird way, that's good to hear Vivian. Because I felt badly about all of this. But the negativity got to be too much. This was like the 3rd thread he posted in like a stretch of 15 minutes, all with the same tone. Then sends me hateful emails blaming me for getting him banned! So, it's good to hear.

  8. The thing is, Mike knows what he's doing. He knows darn well posting in the forum rather than contacting staff is not going to solve the problem, it's just going to cause drama.

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