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    Me and my colleagues website, ourworldpros.com of which the domain was purchased from wordpress.com by ourselves, had recently been stolen.

    Here is the story:

    A couple months ago, we had made acquaintance with one of our rivals now known as “gdunicornhooker”. He had impersonated one of our comrades and managed to obtain from one of our fellow admins, the wordpress login info and the e-mail login info of which was attached to the account. He had removed all admins of the site and is now claiming it as rightfully his.

    Is it possible to me to pursue legal action of some sort against “gdunicornhooker” who had claimed ownership on me and my colleagues blog which is NOT rightfully owned by him?

    I apologized for any misapprehensions as this is my first time on the wp forums.



    We Volunteers cannot assist you. All action must be taken by yourself at your end of things. Here are the relevant links:
    complaints http://en.wordpress.com/complaints/

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