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wordpress blog took over a current website

  1. In the last few hours an old version of my old blog on has been taking over my current website on indexhibit platform. It happens sporadically. I can't access my old account on wordpress, it doesn't recognize my email. I've already tried to restore my account but I haven't heard back from wordpress yet. -- this is the renascent blog (and not taliaido which I'm writing from). I'm extremely confused and it's very very urgent, can you please help me understand what is going on?
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of the website that it's "taking over?" It sounds like you've pointed your domain name servers at the wrong site.

  3. The above domain is redirecting to my current domain which is the same, just without the "wordpress". I actually asked few friends to check it on their computers and they got the correct website, but all the computers in my house keep getting the old blog. I didn't change nothing in my domain setting. The real question here is why such old and deleted contents are still available online and how to connect wordpress in order to fix it ASAP.

  4. Give me the exact link, please.

  5. The contents are definitely not deleted. Why don't you just set the blog to Private under Settings->Reading?

    Also, double check your domain settings. Maybe you have domain mapping on autorenew and it wrested your domain away from the new site?

  6. because, as I've already mentioned before, I can't log in to my account. Your system doesn't recognize my email, and no one is answering the Account Recovery form I've sent. Can you please provide me with a contact details of someone who can check my account from within your system? Needless to say, this 'revival' causing me a lot of damage and it's extremely urgent.

  7. You are, according to your Gravatar, currently logged in to your account. In any case, live staff support is limited to M-F for those with upgrades of $300 per year and up. I flagged this thread for staff attention and they'll get around to it when they can, so I suggest you subscribe to it so you're notified when they respond.

  8. I am currently logged in to taliaido's account which is not the account I'm asking about. I logged in to taliaido's account just so I can post in this forum. How much time does it usually take for the staff to answer?

  9. Literally anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

  10. can you please forward this again or mark it as urgent.

    I've checked and found out a renewal message from a year ago and non for this year (and it was set to automatic renewal).

    my site is down now for a day and I can't find a way to access the related wordpress account or directly contact support

    it is urgent that I'll reach support

    thanks for the help

  11. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance with your account recovery issue. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  12. is patience the only way, is there no direct way to access support ?

  13. Is there any phone number or email address that can actually give real support and solve the terrible situation you are putting me in?

  14. We Volunteers are not putting you in a terrible situation. The situation you are in was self created.

    As you are new this may be helpful to know. This is a peer support forum where Volunteers and Staff work cooperatively to deliver support. There is no phone support here and we Volunteers do not provide support by email.

    Volunteers answer most questions posted into forum threads and Staff monitor. When Volunteers cannot provide the required support we flag threads for Staff attention.

    Staff work their way through support tickets and forum threads tagged for their attention by dealing with those that have the earliest date and timestamps first, then moving forward to deal with those that have the most recent date and time stamps. Please be patient while waiting for Staff to assist the bloggers who posted before you did.

  15. my reply wasn't directed at you, I thank you for the help.

    it is just that I find the situation stressing, I undersand now that the domain has expired and I've receive no prior or current notice regarding that (I've check both spam and inbox) my account seems to be locked, I've paid for the domain and extra services since 2009-10 basically till now and I would have renewed the payment if I had received a notice (according to the last message I can see that it is set to auto-renewal).

    thanks for the help

  16. Can someone the stuff please help?

  17. I understand your distress but we Volunteers cannot make Support Staff appear. We do not know when they will appear. We do know that when they do appear they will deal with all the threads tagged for their assistance in order of the date stamps as I stated above.

  18. Hi there,

    It looks like the custom domain, that was mapped to, has expired.

    If you wish, I can update your site's primary domain to so that the site functions properly again while we sort out the account access issue.

    As far as regaining access to your site, you will need to follow the lost password process to try to regain access to your account.

    Click the "Need More Help?" link next to the button, and fill out the form. If you have already done this, someone should be in touch shortly.

  19. Hello,

    Thanks for the response.
    right now directs to or an old copy of it, till yesterday it was directed to my new site on a different server.

    first I didn't receive a renewal notice (I've checked both spam and inbox I can see mails from last year and non from this year).
    before anything else I want to be able renew the domain. I have the renewal message from last year (that also said it was set to auto renewal).

    I've already tried the lostpassword -> "Need More Help?" form yesterday and received no reply.

    since delaying this might risk the domain address which I really really need, please help me solve this situation, I feel that time is ticking, is it possible to contact someone directly about the domain renewal (sales or something like that) ?

  20. right now directs to or an old copy of it, till yesterday it was directed to my new site on a different server.

    What is the URL of this "new site on a different server" ?


  22. Hi again,

    We cannot proceed with a domain renewal or anything else related to your account unless and until you have regained access to the account and can verify you're the site owner.

    What email address did you use in the account recovery form, so I can connect that ticket to this post?

    As far as pointing somewhere other than the site at, I'm not sure what you mean by that. The WHOIS records for show that the domain is pointing to

    And internally, it is, and has been, pointing specifically to, and I do not see you had a site redirect upgrade to point it elsewhere, so I'm not sure where it might have been directing people other than your existing site.

  23. I tried the recovery two times. First with [email redacted], it was 3 days ago. Than, yesterday, I tried [email redacted] -- I can't access this last email, it's inactive since 2008 but it look like it's the only email your system is recognizing. Perhaps this is the email I first signed up to wordpress with.

  24. Hi there,

    I've just sent you an email to assist you with recovering your account.

    Once that's done, and you have access to your site again, you should be able to renew your domain.

  25. ok, I'll try to explain my problem again:
    I have different site on indexhibit platform. It's url was talialink.con until a few days ago.
    At the moment the url is not directing to my current website at indexhibit but to an old version of my wordpress blog. I deleted this blog a year ago.

    First, I need to move my domain to different host. To enable that I need you to unlock domain from wordpress and to provide me with my epp code.
    Second, I need to my wordpress blog to be deleted for good. To enable that I need eccess to my account.
    Finally, I need all of this to happen ASAP.
    Thanks for your patience.

  26. Hi again,

    Once you have replied to my email and I've restored your access, you can transfer your domain to a new registrar by following the instructions below:

    Note that you will need to log into your Dashboard and then navigate to your Domain Manager, where you can request a new EPP code be emailed to you.

    Once you have successfully moved your domain (and not before!) you can then delete your blog by following the instructions here:

  27. ok, I just saw your email and answered it. After I'll have access to my account, will my domain be available for hosting on different host or will I have to renew it first?

  28. ok, I think I got it.

  29. How much time will it take to restore my eccess?

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