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Wordpress blog with an iframe

  1. We've used WordPress blogs within iframe for a while now but have just noticed that the blog content is no longer displaying within the iframes for example here

    Has there been a change within WordPress that would stop this happening please? Or is there another way we should be embedding the blogs within our websites?

    Many Thanks
    Blog url:

  2. We are seeing the same.

  3. The discussion forum on my LMS is horrible. For the past 2 years, I have been using a WordPress blog in place of the LMS and everything worked perfectly.... until today.

    Now, I am getting a message informing me that "This content cannot be displayed in a frame"

    Has anyone else experienced this <IFRAME> issue and is there a workaround?


  4. Please help! We are having the same problem as of this morning.

    We use WordPress for the Announcements and Discussion Forums for 12 university courses. Suddenly, this morning, we can't see the WordPress content in the frame of our learning management system.

    Over 200 students are at a standstill and so are we. We'd hate to have to revert back to the announcement and discussion forums that are built into the learning management system. They are no where near as dynamic and easy to use as WordPress.

    If anyone finds a solution, please let us know.

    Thank you.

  5. Me too I even tried buying a domain via wordpress and re maping the blog and that has not worked. Such a shame as this really worked. I also tried using the OBJECT tagg instead and no joy. Lets hope someone finds a way soon or just put back to how it was

    Good luck all

  6. I'm having the same problem with some sites refering to my blog. It was fine last night.

  7. Yes seemed to have happened today in Internet Explorer it tells you to open in a new window which is not ideal in firefox it is just blank

  8. Hi all -- Paul here from support.

    We tracked this issue down to a -- well-meaning, but overzealous -- security change on our end. Everything should be fixed now, but let us know if you're seeing otherwise.

  9. Paul thank you so much, all working fine now. Great support

  10. It does'nt work at my blog yet. The adress is >

  11. Thanks Paul, we're all fine now.

  12. We cannot stop singing the praises of WordPress' team!

    Thank you for listening and responding so quickly! Within two hours, we were back up and running.

  13. The <iframe </iframe> is still not working for my test blog.

  14. It doesn't work IN a blog. It never has. It's supposed to display a blog in an external website.

  15. Oh sorry!

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