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WordPress Blogs Directing to Homepage

  1. My Jesus article is still running hot today and I'm getting a lot of great posts from the WordPress community and I'm loving it.

    There is, however, a strange "" matter that I do not understand when it comes to certain posters who place their * address in the URL area for comments:

    1. When I click on the commenter's * address I am not taken to their blog, but rather to the main homepage instead. Any idea what's up with that?

    2. Other times when I click on their * address I am taking to page that says the blog has been deleted by the owner. Why post a dead blog address? What's the point?

    Are these few, strange, people somehow jerking the system or trying to cover their true identities or something?

  2. boles,
    Just a guess, but not all users have blogs - some are only on here to write on other blogs. Others may have had their blogs deleted for ToS violations, but they remain on the system.

  3. I would suspect those people have the Domain Name upgrade, and just got it active, or have two blogs. There's a weird glitch that we've had two or three reports about here in the forums that shows up when people try to sign in. This gives both the redirect to and the Blog Deleted notice results. I believe that the ones who've posted here have sent feedbacks, and if it happens to someone else, they should send one too.


  4. ozrisk -- That's interesting. I wonder why they'd bother typing in their blog URL if they didn't have a blog?

    raincoaster -- That's interesting, too. I'd say at least 30% of the people with * blog addresses that commented had that problem yesterday. It was very strange to try to visit them to only find a deleted blog notice or the homepage.

  5. I've noticed that on occasion as well actually.

  6. drmike --

    What do you think is causing this? They've obviously registered blogs because their URLs either go to a "Blog deleted" page or -- didn't blogs that weren't registered in the system used to go to a page where you could register for that blog URL?

    I just tried to test -- and I am, indeed, taken to a registration page where I can add that blog address to my account.


  7. Not a clue actually because it should be directing to the signup page, not the home page if the URL isn't found.

  8. I agree, drmike! I'll keep an eye on it today as well.

  9. Just happened again to me: leads to the home page.

  10. If a blog is fully private you are automatically redirected to

  11. Hi mark!

    What is the difference between a "fully private" blog and a "private" blog?

    My test blog is private but if you enter the URL you get a login screen and a notification the blog is protected:

  12. david-

    you do, we don't. (actually, probably you and non-logged-in users) i get the front page.

  13. Adam --

    So logged in users get the front page if the blog in question is private?

    If you're not logged in to then you get the generic login page with the warning?

    When you tried to hit my test blog it transferred you to the homepage?

  14. yep.

    and when i logged out and tried the same address, it gave me the login form.

  15. You're super, Adam, thanks for figuring this out!

    So the idea is if you're logged in and have access to a private blog you'll just be taken right there without needing to login, I guess?

  16. Yeah that is the case. I just saw this thread and that is the way my private blog reacts to members, logged-in non members and not logged in users.


  17. Thanks for the confirmation, trent. It's still a wild thing to click on a unique URL for a WordPress blog and be taken to instead. SMILE!

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