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  1. What's going on when I try to press pertinent breaking news and get some stupid 'sorry, this file cannot be posted for security reasons?' This smacks nastily of WORDPRESS censorship! What the blink is really going on???? Especially when there isn't any code, harsh language, or anything else involved in the message.
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  2. This error message has ZERO to do with censorship. It indicates you are trying to upload an media file type that's not an accepted file type. Example: bmp

  3. (1) Are you creating posts on the main page of at this link?!/post/
    If so, don't do that. Create posts on your own blog's dashboard at this link instead.

    (2) Are you using the secure https:// login?

    (3) Are you aware of the accepted image files types?

    (4) Have you followed the guide for uploading images?
    For details about the options for uploading images I recommend

    (5) For troubleshooting images tips please see >

    For enlightenment of the topic of freedom of speech here at please read >

    Note: I'm concerned about your leaping to conclusions. Paranoia is considered to be a form of emotional retardation that kills joy and emotional growth. Paranoia keeps you from growing intellectually and evolving into your full mature potential. Don't buy into any thinking that squelches your joy - adopt a positive focus and blog on!

  4. 9 October 2012

    Good Morning Time Thief:

    Hopefully you are well.

    According to your first post, my query has 'ZERO' to do with censorship. However your conclusion that I was attempting to upload a bmp file is unsubstantiated, w/o more conclusive proof than you've given me and w/o more detailed questions on your part, which you apparently decided to attempt to supply in your next posted response.

    My obvious suggestion to you is that when next you respond to someone posing as serious a concern as I've posted that you take that person very seriously and not fly off the handle in some sort of emotional meltdown in the manner in which you seem to have done.

    My statement was based solely upon the quality of the information that I was attempting to post from nationally recognizable and approved sources regarding topics that are prone to serious censorship and/or mis-information by 'main stream' media outlets.

    As an award winning photojournalist, who is both internationally and nationally published, and who writes for an internationally known and respected Black newspaper that has been hacked into in the past by government agencies for telling truth to power; I'd say that you're a bit behind the times if you cannot possibly fail to recognize that WORDPRESS, as a social media outlet, can be pressured just the same as anyone else, from the late Malcolm X to WikiLeaks editor-in chief and founder Julian Assange. We're pressured even moreso if we do not break under such pressure. But hey, you don't have to believe me. Check out the following article (for starters) "Avoid these words to prevent Homeland Security from spying on your social networks,"

    The article was posted on 29 May 2012 to AT&T, Yahoo News, reprinted from Today in Tech; by Tecca.

    I suggest you keep Googling, and you'll find more of such documentation, so do try to keep up, Timethief.

    Now, in response to your attempts at technical support and trouble shooting:

    (1) No, I'm definitely NOT creating posts on the main page of WP at this link. I'm ONLY creating posts on my WORDPRESS blog. That's why I don't understand what's going on. It doesn't happen all of the time, obviously, but it's happened 2-3 times, the latest being just before I wrote this query.

    (2) Yes, I'm using secure https://login

    (3, & 4,) Yes, I'm aware of the accepted image file types & yes I follow the guidelines for uploading images.

    None of this seems to be the problem, so, to conclude:

    I'm not leaping to conclusions, timethief, not at all. The problem has recurred under the same conditions each and every time its happened; and the subject matter has ranged from Afrikan Liberation to so-called 'illegal' immigrants, which was the topic this morning during the 3rd occurrence to date. I was trying to press an article from the Los Angeles Times.

    So don't refer to me as being paranoid. You have no grounds for such an unprofessional statement. Get a grip, and do me the courtesy of not leaping to conclusions yourself. You do not have a knowledgeable technical response, thus you should not attempt to cloud the issue with your presumptions. They don't help, and they are seriously annoying.


    Malaika H Kambon
    [email redacted]

  5. What is the type of file that you're trying to upload?

    Please note that timethief only offered bmp as an example. To quote her reply, "Example: bmp"

  6. What is the file type of the image you are attempting to upload?

    Where is that image at present?

    Is it on your own computer?

    Is it hosted on a third party site?
    If so then do you have permission from the copyright holder to post the image and/or hotlink to itthe image while it remains hosted on their servers?

    What is the exact size of the image you are attempting to upload?

    Have you followed the guide for uploading images?
    For details about the options for uploading images I recommend

    Have you worked through the troubleshooting images tips?
    Have you tried the troubleshooting images tips yet?

  7. 9 October 2012

    Good Morning macmanx:

    Hopefully all is well.

    When I upload myself, I always use jpg files together with an article.

    When I upload from a document, such as an online news source, etc. the presumption is that if there is a photograph contained within said online document; that it is of jpg quality or better. I really have no way of knowing this, however, since there usually isn't any notation, that says whether a photo file is jpg, png, or gif.

    The presumption could be false that the online source has used one of the above file types. If that is the case, then maybe that explains it. However to me that doesn't make much sense.

    (A) It would be like shooting ones' self in the foot, it seems to me, to have a nationally syndicated news source using the wrong type of file type for photographs. That would (it seems) inhibit the ability to share the file, which would be counterproductive for a newspaper, online or not.

    And (B) I don't receive the silly security message at the point in time that I upload the article and the photo in preparation for 'PRESSing' them. The silly security message comes AFTER I've hit the publish button.

    Also, (in my estimation,) this discussion presumes that it is the photo and not the content of the article that is generating the WORDPRESS automated, technical, 'security' response.

    I don't think so, but I don't know, which is why I asked.

    And yes, Timethief did say "Example: bmp"

    In and of itself, that is merely a suggestion....inaccurate, but still, only a suggestion.

    But her suggestion didn't generate the predominance of my response to her. Her assertions as to my supposed mental state are what generated my basically "back up, sit down and keep quiet response," to her. It wasn't personal, and I stand by it 100%, as it is precisely the response I'd have sent to anyone who addressed me in that manner.

    In conclusion, thank you for your query, macmanx. I will continue to troubleshoot this problem on my own, until I find an answer.


    Malaika H Kambon

  8. When I upload from a document, such as an online news source, etc. the presumption is that if there is a photograph contained within said online document; that it is of jpg quality or better.

    That's probably the issue. A document containing an image is not an image, so the document itself is probably not on our list of accepted file types.

  9. Nationally syndicated news sources hold copyright to their images and jealousy guard their copyright.

    If one violates their copyright by uploading images without obtaining prior permission for image use, then they can and do take DMCA action against the party who stole their image(s).

    If one violates their copyright by hotlinking to images without obtaining prior permission and sucking up their bandwidth, then they can and do take DMCA action against the party who stole their image(s), as well as breaking the "hot" link.

  10. To Timethief:

    (1) File type unknown
    (2) Image is presumably still in the LA Times article
    (3) Is it on my own computer? No, and it hasn't ever been
    WP, as you know, allows the person attempting the press to capture photographs that are in articles, if possible. In this case, I successfully captured the article in preparation for pressing.

    (4) Is it hosted on a 3rd party site? Please define. I was attempting to press an article from the LA Times. It had the social media links embedded within the article to seemingly allow this.

    (5)I have idea of the size(s) of the photo(s) This information is generally not included in the article.

    (6) Yes (again) I do follow all WP guidelines for uploading images.

    (7) I'll read the options

    (8) I'll also work through the troubleshooting images tips. However at the moment, I'm not sure that the image(s) contained in 2 of the 3 articles in which this problem has recurred are the source of the problem.

  11. Mac, I don't think we've gotten an answer as to the file type, if any that might be triggering such a message as this: 'sorry, this file cannot be posted for security reasons?', if that's even the actual message text.

    If the OP is trying to upload anything other than straight text, would that message come up? Example a .pdf, .doc, .rtf, .odt or anything similar.

  12. Where/how are you getting the file, and what is the file extension (.jpg, .doc, .html, etc)?

  13. notawoodpecker, yes, the message will appear if any file is uploaded which does not match our accepted file types.

  14. To Timethief:

    Again, I'm aware of copyright issues.

    However, if they don't want the article and/or the photograph posted, they should NOT include social media links inviting the public to do so.

  15. I was attempting to press an article from the LA Times.

    They could have all sorts of coding buried in their articles that would trigger a security message here.

    Are you attempting to copy and repost the entire article?

  16. The social media links are to share the URL and maybe a headline of an article - not to post the entire article on another web site -

  17. They invite sharing and sharing is posting a brief snippet and link back to their article. Sharing is not permission to rip off an entire article.

  18. However, if they don't want the article and/or the photograph posted, they should NOT include social media links inviting the public to do so.

    They want the article to be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and such, not republished in its entirety. That's a violation of copyright.

  19. And it could be one of those media links that includes the code triggering the message.

    You can only repost a portion of the article, and you must include a link/credit back to the original.

  20. 9 October 2012

    To macmanx and notawoodpecker:

    Sometimes when attempting to press an article w/ an included photograph, the links for pressing the photo are different. One icon you click on just pulls up the photos attached to the article, if it can. If clicking on the box icon doesn't produce a photo, WP will tell you that 'no photos were attached to the article' meaning it can't pick up the photo because it is embedded in such a way that it isn't possible.

    Sometimes, though, when pressing an article, if you attempt once, then cancel the press, then go back again, the photo icon changes and you get a 'drag and drop' option, which sometimes will give you file information for the photo.

    This second option is NOT the option I'm referring w/ the recurring 'security' problem. It is the first option - If I elect to use the social media icons on my browser as opposed to the ones embedded in the article, then it seems that is where the problem occurs, particularly if I decide to press the article from my browser and then share it - instead of pressing the article using the social media sharing embedded in the article itself.

    I'm not stealing anything, nor am I trying to post any article that is not postable via the same social media links embedded in the article itself.

  21. So, you are not trying to re-publish the article in its entirety?

  22. macmanx & notawoodpecker:

    The latest article had FB, Pinterest, Twitter, G+, WP, Diggit, and one other social media sharing option embedded.

    And I ALWAYS post a link back to the original article and give such credit whenever I WP anything. Generally a link is the ONLY thing I WP. I cannot even remember a time when I've WP's an entire article!

    So - I'm still unclear as to what is generating this 'security' message. But I will keep working on it.

  23. macmanx:

    No. Again. I do not ever attempt to re-publish an article in its entirety. Check my blog, if you choose not to believe this. I capture the link and then a photograph if there is one.

  24. Please simply provide the URL for this article and we shall go to where it is situate and figure this out.

  25. What is the URL of the article?

  26. You are correct, auxclass - but again, I was not trying to repost the entire article, just the link and the photograph.

    And the following is the link to the Los Angeles Times article which posed a 'security' question after I'd uploaded the LINK and the photograph into WP: NOT the entire article. I made NO attempt to do that.

    This is the 3rd time this has happened to me, but each time was not the LA Times, and one time there wasn't even a photograph.


    "Illegal immigrant journalist avoids deportation over traffic stop",0,1904881.story

  27. I've got to go to school now. I'm late. I've spent too much time on this as it is. I'll respond to anything I see later.


  28. Ok, it works without the image included.

    The issue is how they're broadcasting the image's file type.

    If you download and upload/insert the image yourself, you won't have any trouble, though that might get kind of shaky as to the legalities. Their publishing license may allow it since you're linking back, or it may not.

  29. Looking at several images in other LAT articles, they are all something like this:

    I can see how that would trigger error messages. They must be using some kind of server-side code to host their own images (and to prevent reposting/hot-linking).

  30. @notawoodpecker

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