WordPress Censorship of Jon Rappoport

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    In their continued battle to shut down free speech, WordPress has just censored Jon Rappoport for stating truth.

    One must suppose that further nazi or Orwellian surprises are in store for WordPress users.

    Working with WordPress now seems to be like living in China – there’s someone looking over your shoulder every minute of every day, watching what you do and say, ready to “correct” any “misstatements” you might have made, and ready to kill your voice at a whim.

    Is this really the kind of platform that ANYONE wants to continue using? Are you all willing to participate in evil simply because it’s convenient? If you are, then you should hang your heads in shame at your complete lack of character and morals.

    What’s next? Is WordPress going to follow facebook and google and start banning doctors too? How about philosophers? How about religious leaders?

    It’s out of hand, folks. And as long as you continue to participate in this horrible farce, it will continue.

    WAKE UP!!!!

    The blog I need help with is 30togosite.wordpress.com.


    Hi there,

    We do not discuss suspended blogs in the public forums and also do not discuss suspended blogs with non-owners. If the person whose blog was suspended wants to appeal the suspension, please refer the to the online form here:



    Closing thread.

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