WordPress censorship seems to be far too strict

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    WordPress censorship seems to be far too strict – I keep having trouble posting comments just because they contain ‘bad’ words, but not swear words – things used in normal conversation such as ‘suspect’ and ‘toilet’. It’s a minefield trying to get a comment posted, changing seemingly-innocuous words at random, trying to guess what the software is objecting to. This needs to be fixed! It’s very frustrating.



    Do you see your submitted comment in moderation or does it just disappear?

    No site owner is required to post any comment they choose not to and it has nothing to do with WordPress.com.



    Thanks Jennifer. No, I click ‘Post Comment’ and it immediately says something like “Sorry, your comment could not be posted’. No other information with it. I go back and try to find the word that I think it might be objecting to, change it, post again and this time it accepts the comment. I had to change a comment about “public toilet” to “public convenience” and I had to change “I suspect they are fruit moths” to “I think they are fruit moths”. It must be over-zealous spam-filtering. I could understand it with swear words, but not words used in normal polite conversation.




    What are a couple of the blogs that don’t like your comments, they might not be WordPress.COM sites




    I just tried to post the following:

    Your garden looks lush and beautiful Colette.

    I don’t have a garden shredder but I spent my weekend sieving the large compost heap in my garden (twice) to make many bucketloads of fine shreddings to spread on the soil between and around my plants. Many years ago, before I was really into gardening, my father-in-law bought me a hoe – I never realised until recently how effective it is for weeding between the plants. I use the hoe and then cover the soil with the shreddings with the aim of suppressing the weeds, enriching the soil and retaining moisture. Eventually I want to fill in all the spaces with ground cover plants but I haven’t decided what to use yet.

    Inspired by your use of hanging baskets to grow strawberries, I’ve dug up some of the baby plants produced by my strawberry patch this summer and put them in pots on top of a high brick wall, in the hope that the slugs won’t find them there. Time will tell.

    I’ve saved seeds from brussels sprouts and tomatoes to grow next year. I’m also going to try to germinate seeds from blackcurrants, gooseberries and plums – not sure if these need chilling for a few months before they will germinate, so I will try some and see what happens.

    Keep up the good work :-)

    John (Portsmouth, UK).

    Nothing offensive there, I think. Again, on clicking ‘Post Comment’ the immediate response was “Sorry, your comment could not be posted”. Now I have to try to guess which innocuous word the system objects to and change it for another word. It’s frankly pretty frustrating.



    @icarus62 – Have you been able to successfully post comments on that site previously?

    There have been earlier reports of users having a similar problem and not having anything to do with censorship.

    Could you see if the Staff suggestions in this thread don’t help you? https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/cannot-post-comments-1?replies=12

    If those suggestions don’t work, please post back here.

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