wordpress changed password but did not share with me….

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    I just signed up for an account and entered a password that had 10 characters. i received this in an email immediately after doing so: Username: lgodsey2013 Password: *****. This password does not have all the characters that I entered and I don’t know what these asterisks represent. Please advise on how to access my account.


    What you see is a security measure in case another opened that email. Asterisks are used to hide passwords and account numbers.

    I learned this the other day- When I was changing the password to an account, the asterisk number did not match the number of characters in my password. It showed 5 or 6, but yet the real number of characters was possibly double that. My husband said that is one security measure to keep people from hacking into your account.

    Log in with the password you have chosen and if you have troubles, reset your password and go from there.

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