WordPress Check Out Plugin (Some Body Please Help me) Please!

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    Hello I’m in a deep trouble with Check out page plugin. The fact is i can not explain it in a easy way.

    Well I have a site that is eCommerce related, not like fully, cause I offer service too.

    Please visit my site: http://logoguru.co/
    Need Solution:
    1. The things i want is to set up a check out page in my site and the page will not be visible in my real live site. When any one will click to buy a logo or will order a custom logo design then the page will be redirect to my check out page.

    2. The Check out page can be on page or on site page, so people can check out staying to my site.

    3. The major things is i want that my customer can pay me from Paypal, All major Credit Card/Debit Card and other payment system as well. I want that my client won’t leave my site in the payment or check out process.

    4. Another fact is I’m From Bangladesh and in Bangladesh we don’t have Paypal, credit card. But what i have is a Payoneer Debit Marster Card. So I want that my client will pay me the money and the plugin company will transfer the money to my Payoneer Debit Master Card or they will supply me a same kind of card that i can withdraw money from my near ATM Booth.

    5. Please visit My site http://logoguru.co/ and check the buy now button and order now button. all the button will redirect my customer to a external Payoneer check out pages. Which is not accepetable for maximum client. That’s why i’m not getting any order yet.

    So I need a Good Solution for it. All of my friend here my request to you please advise me what plugin will be suitable for me or how can i solve my problem?

    I’m very new to wordpress and also i want to intregated that ecomerce gateway to my original theme.

    Thank you



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for blogs hosted at WordPress.com. If your question is about a self-hosted WordPress blog then you’ll find help at the WordPress.org forums.

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    As the Support says this is the forum for wordpress.COM. your blog is not a wordpress.COM blog and do we not have plugins.

    If your site is a selfhosted blog with WordPress.ORG head over to their forum.

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