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Wordpress Classic theme bug

  1. I have disabled all comments for my blog which uses the WordPress Classic theme (with my edits), but "Leave a Comment" still appears at the bottom of each post. Another blogger gave me separate CSS code to remove it:

    .feedback {
    Blog url:

  2. When I visit your site, I don't see the "Leave a Comment" text. Can you send me a link to a post where it's still appearing?

  3. Evarlese, thanks for writing. I put this CSS in to remove the link. The point of my post was that I had to add this CSS because, without it, even after I disabled the comments option, the "Leave a Comment" text still appeared. What I posted in this bug report is a solution, but shouldn't the text vanish on its own if the comment option is disabled?

  4. Ah, thanks for clearing that up. We'll look into this.

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