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    I need help in finding what is the best option for me. I am gradually moving into Online Marketing where I am organising online courses. Creating landing pages, opting pages to collect leads and viral hacking/looping I am currently using a WordPress.com Premium account for my website but I see that i am limited when it comes to html coding. I have been told that I should migrate to .org where this would be taken care of. However, I now see the Business plan option in the .com platform. What should i do?



    Hi there,
    The Business Plan will definitely allow you to add third party plugins like the ones you could use to create landing pages, collect leads, run online courses and the like.

    Running your own installation (from WordPress.org) on your own would also allow that – but you wouldn’t have all the other benefits of WordPress.com.


    Hi Jodesign,

    thank you for the reply. In other words, you would recommend in upgrading to Business rather than migrating to .org because of the .com benefits. I was told, however, the .org had also a vast number of benefits. of course the .org seems more time consuming and possibly more expensive due to domain hosting on external server. Thanks again.



    Hi there,

    Either option will allow you to do what you want to do. It comes down to how much control you want vs how dirty you want to get your hands with the technical stuff.

    If you go self-hosted, you’ll have complete control. No plugin will be out of bounds, and you’ll even be able to modify your site’s code directly. But if you do something that breaks it, or a plugin or theme update breaks it, or a software update breaks it, or a hacker breaks it (you get the picture), you have to fix it. Bandwidth and site storage will depend on your hosting plan, and stuff like security, backups and tech support are usually extra.

    On the WordPress.com Business Plan you’ll have a little less control – we don’t allow you to edit the source code directly, for example, some plugins are compulsory, while others that are known to cause problems are banned – and of course you’re also bound by our terms of service. But we take care of all security, updates and backups for you, and you have 24/7 chat support included in the plan.

    So one is not necessarily better than the other, but it really comes down to what exactly you need to be able to do and how much you want to spend.

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