WordPress.com themes should be deletable

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    The fact that the premium themes from wordpress.com can be installed but not deleted/uninstalled/removed from a site is:

    * counterintuitive
    * confusing
    * contradicts official documentation

    Please consider adding this feature so that the list of installed themes for a given site can fully managed to accurately reflect the needs of the site owner/maintainer.

    Thank you!



    Hi there, WordPress.com staff can remove a Premium theme for you. Please let us know if you want this to happen, and add the modlook tag in the sidebar. Thank you! :)


    I think @phool27 may have been aware of that which is why this thread was placed in the ideas forum. I’m sure there must be a logical technical reason why there isn’t a tickbox and why staff assistance is required to remove a “never expiring” Premium theme.



    That’s it exactly, @themagicrobot. I’m aware of the fact that WordPress.com staff can remove a premium theme for you, only by searching the forums after coming up empty-handed in the documentation.

    I did chat with a WordPress.com staff member about this earlier today, who didn’t realize at first that a premium theme couldn’t be removed by customers, then said it could be done on their end, before finally concluding it couldn’t be removed at all. So it sounds like customers aren’t the only ones confused by this policy.

    If there is a logical technical reason behind this limitation, so be it, but I did post this in the ideas forum in hope that this feature request would be considered.

    Thanks for your time.



    Ah, my bad, I didn’t even realise the “No Replies” option brings up threads in other forums! Sorry! :)



    No worries. Thanks for following up =)



    Hi folks, once a theme is removed there is no unremove option. We have users confirm removal of premium themes, because if they change their mind and want it back, they will have to purchase it again (and we will pay the theme authors again).

    People have frequently shown that when they remove the theme that they actually do want it back immediately (example: they really just wanted to start over) so this gives us a chance to point folks in the right direction, or remove the theme if necessary. We will pass your feedback along, though, in hopes of coming up with a smoother process.



    Thanks for the background info. That logic makes sense and I’m happy to hear that you’ll pass on the feedback.

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