wordpress. com to host blog and not email.

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    I want Google apps to host everything except the actual blog. I want WordPress.com to host the blog only.

    The blog I need help with is mdei.wordpress.com.



    Thanks @thesacredpath for your help. I’m on my tablet (as opposed to my phone) so I can add a little more detail to my situation.

    We currently have Google Apps set up. We manage our entire domain using Google Apps. We use Posterous for the blog.

    When someone enters http://www.misssiodei.org.au, it heads over to Posterous and displays the blog. The url in their browser bar does not change (ie it does not display missio.posterous.com) rather it shows our actual domain name.

    We are after the exact same situation except we want the redirection to go to mdei.wordpress.com instead of Posterous, and we want the domain name in the url to be our own and not WordPresses. Does that all make sensse?

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