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  1. I been writing for quite sometime now but only began to blog in the last 2 months. When first started I just wanted an outlet so some would put in there favorites and check out here and there, I never thought I would become so involved not just in my blog but the actual community. Since I been on wordpress I have been running through so many peoples blogs, just trying to open my mind and experience different things. I came in jus caring for my blog now I’m dropping comments and getting involved in others blogs as well, oh yea I’m new in the forms how you like the intro.

  2. Nice intor, and I'm also new to WP, and your introduction was/is far superior to mine, and I'm pleased that you also like wordpress as much as I, and I am also getting into reading other peoples blogs and trying to get involved where I can.

    You may also want to lick your blog with your name, so that when you post in the forums we can all just go straight to your blog.

    Happy blogging!

  3. word, thanks for the tip and blog on!

  4. The one thing I love about blogging is that is a very communal feel here. Welcome both of you and keep paying attention to the support forums. Its great place to learn and share.

  5. jw i love how you told jb to link his site to pic, as people have told me, and i have told others

    it is a nice community, as soon as i learn something i want to help someone else learn it, and others help me too.

    ive been blogging for about 2 weeks and only looked at my own blog (lol)

    when i discovered the forum i started checking out other peoples blogs too....good stuff

  6. very laid back im loving it more and more everyday, meeting new people like doug an jw its cool to jump into other worlds then back to my own.

  7. Here's a tip for the new comers you can discover
    new blogs by using the tag surfer in your dashboard
    the blogs you'll find in the tag surfer are centered
    around the tags you use in your own posts.

    So it's a great way to discover other bloggers
    that blog about the same niche.

  8. thanks for the tip teck

  9. good stuff- i already found a couple blogs i like!

  10. Hey, I love you guys! jbrown, bulmer, douglas, blog on! yeheheheheaH!

  11. Chris, Teck darling.... love you, muahh...

  12. Your welcome! jbrown198x, :)

  13. with the addition of the off-topic forum (there wasn't one before), it definitely allows bloggers from all walks of life to mingle around here. previously, the forum was limited to people who needed support and people offering support voluntarily. and of course, tag surfer is great in finding blogs of similar interests.

  14. im glad its here now, its excellent to talk with other authors. Its funny cause when i blog i stay in my realm (which is cool) but when i read other blogs i open my mind and just take it for what it is. like in total recall "OPEN YOUR MIIIIIIINNNNNDDDD"

    Oh yea Blog ON!

  15. I read your blog :) and commented :)

  16. thanks lizii i been running through your page also

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