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Wordpress Crashing Safari?

  1. Everytime I go to create a new post, it would load around 80% - WordPress is crashing safari.

    Mac 10.3.9
    Safari 1.3.2

  2. Safari has known issues with the kind of AJAX javascript used here at and elsewhere on the internet. Please read the information at the link provided and consider using either Firefox or Camino

  3. Yeah - but its the first time that its ever done it. Before it has worked :x

  4. Firefox isn't the perfect solution either as it has problems, but it's far better than Safari.

  5. @sacredpath
    Thanks for chiming in.

    Defrostindoors uses Camino and doesn't seem to be reporting any problems. In fact, the only time we do suggest a change in browsers is when Safari problems are reported.

  6. @TT

    I do all my writing and posting with ecto which is like blogdesk, but for Mac and I really like it. I have had no problems at all with it. The only thing is that it is not free, but at $17.95 it is certainly affordable.

    I'll have to look into Camino as well.

  7. @thesacredpath
    Thanks for the info on Ecto. I had a question about which off line blog editor could be used with macs earlier and I replied using this link

  8. @TT

    I've heard nothing bad about the others listed on the link you provided and I'm certain they work well. The only thing about Ecto is that it sometimes gets messed up on quotes (probably operator error) and I have to switch from richtext to code view and remove the offending code and then everything is OK again.

  9. I know that there's a new ToolKit for Safari out. I'm wondering if you have it and it's affecting what's going on.

    (You'll have to forgive me. The only Apples I have is three XServes and an old 2e that I don't think even works anymore.)

  10. We are aware of the issue with older versions of Safari shipped with 10.3. Is is possible to upgrade Safari in your case? The newer versions of Safari seem to work without any problems. Alternatively, I would recommend using a different browser (Camino or Firefox) until the issue is resolved.

  11. As this ended with a question and is still unresolved I'll just chip in briefly.

    I'm in the exact same boat as the OP. Safari 1.3.2 is the last available update without paying to upgrade the OS to 10.4. I noticed the crashing begin on Friday morning and have not changed my system in any way since having no problems only 3 days prior.

    I'll switch to Firefox for the time being, but I would like to be able to go back to safari as soon as possible.

  12. Here's what I'm looking at:

    I'm wondering if it's the new Webkit. (I called it Toolkit before. Sorry about that.)

  13. I checked - I'm using webkit 312.8.1, which shipped with OSX 10.3.9. I don't know much about it. Never needed to.

  14. I wonder if there's a way to upgrade just the webkit and if so, will it make things worse.

    We don't really have a knowledgeable mac user here in teh forums.

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