WordPress creates unwanted “thumbnail” files

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    we use desktop blogging clients to post to our blog. Whenever there is a picture included, wordpress (the newest version) creates a file, with the original filename and the text “thumbnail” added at the end of the name. How can this be disabled, it is very annoying, plus those files never show up anywhere.

    I know these files exist, because i can check the uploads folder with an FTP program.


    Well, there would 4 places to look.

    1. It could originate from your admin settings
    2. It could be the admin settings in your blogging client
    3. It could be a template/theme issue
    4. It could be an CSS problem

    This is way over my head, I’m afraid…



    Tahnks for the answer, I can savely rule out all those four. Before we used an older version of WordPress and the problem was non existent, we used the same CSS and theme settings, which get rid of points 3 and 4. There is no such setting to be found in the admin settings. And concerning the clients, when I upload the files via FTP, these thumbnails don’t get created, only via normal web upload they do.



    Since your blog is self hosted you need to be at http://wordpress.org/support for help. We are wordpress.com here and have no idea which version of the wordpress software we’re using.

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