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Wordpress crops my images weirdly

  1. I have mastered getting images where I want them, but there is something that really bugs me and I can't figure it out. I upload an image that's already reduced to 640x480 or smaller. When I send it to the editor, it posts with the right side considerably cropped. If my images are too wide somehow, I'd think it would crop from both sides, but I keep losing the right edge of my photos.

  2. Images more than 445 px are automatically "cropped" to 445 px in Sapphire theme. Let's say if your images are 450 px, the 5 px from the rite of your images are gone, they're under your rite sidebar. Maybe someone will explain it more clearer.

  3. So do they need to be 445x445px? And can you tell me how you knew that, so I can reduce my dumb question quotient?

  4. The width must be less than 445 px or they'll crop it to 445 px from the rite. There's no limit for the height. However, this only apply to Sapphire theme.

  5. If you go here, there is at least a partial list of the maximum widths for photos in posts.

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