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    I am trying to place the WordPress “badge” for the weekly photo challenge on my blog. I have the URL ready for the photo I wish to use. Could someone give me VERY basic help with this. I have tried following the instructions on the “badge” page but I suspect there is something so basic that it has been left out – remember, I am basic, basic. How do I physically get the badge onto my blog and then do I use the Image widget for my photo. Apologies in advance for what must be rather basic as many others have achieved this already but not for me! Your help would be hugely appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is making-photographs.com.



    Before you activate the Image Widget, you will need to get the file URL for the photo you want to include in your sidebar. This means that if you’re using a photo from your computer’s image library, you’ll need to upload it to WordPress.com first. You can upload the following image types to a post or page on your WordPress.com blog: .jpg/.jpeg .gif .png

    You can do this via your Dashboard -> Media page or by following this guide > how to upload images > http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/ After you upload the image it will be in your Media Library. If it’s not there it cannot be displayed on your blog. All widgets are found here > Appearance > Widgets



    Thank you for the reply. I can download images and do all that (this is a photography blog) and I do have the URL in question for my weekly photo. Your directions are the same as the ones on the official “badge” page – but I still cannot see how to get the WordPress logo badge that says “I belong to the Post Weekly thing” on the sidebar.

    I am simply wanting to join the WordPress weekly photo challenge. I have alo put the tag “postaday” on the blog as directed.

    Again, many thanks so far.


    I’ve just managed to do it on my blog :) so I’ll have a go at helping you.

    Dashboard>Widgets>Available Widgets, drag the available widget called ‘Image to sidebar1.
    Then click it open (that’s the little dash at the top-left of it) AND at the same time open either another browser page or tab, and on this second window go into Dashboard>Media> and select ‘View’ on your chosen image (the one you want to use) and then do a copy and paste of its ULR, from there and onto your Sidebar 1 in your other browser window.
    Then give it the title you want.
    It is best to find out the height and width settings of your particular blog theme.
    Don’t press save with thse boxes empty or it’s hard to change the size afterwards if you do that.
    The easiest way to do it is jsut for now set the width to 220 and the height to 75.
    Then press ‘Save’ on the Image widget and have a look how its appearing on your site. If it looks too squashed and out of shape, then you can go look at the details of your particular theme to find out the width of its sidebar.

    Sorry if these are not so good, or long-winded directions, but I am also relatively basic in knowledge, just trying to help, hope it works out, mine did, all the best :)


    Ooops I meant width 200, sorry, also I’ve just had a look and you are using the same theme that I’m using and the sidebar width is 200.


    Oh Sorry ! Told you I was basic too ! When you go into Images and find the one you want, you have to click ‘Edit’ NOT ‘View’ , this brings up, towards the bottom of that page, the URL, where it says ‘FILE ULR’, that’s what you copy and paste.

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