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Wordpress deleted my draft! Help!?!

  1. So Ive just spent two hours writing out a blog post, which I'd saved as a draft as I was going along. I went to save it as a draft for the final time to then post it tomorrow morning and WordPress has deleted absolutely every single word of what I'd just spent hours writing! I'm so angry I could cry! It's not saved in drafts or anything because I've checked, so I don't know why it's suddenly all just vanished!

    Does anyone know if there's any chance I can get my post back, even though it wasn't published, or am I going to have to start all over again? :( not happy, WordPress!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If it's not in your Draft or Revisions, then I'm afraid there is nothing we can do. This is a well-known bug particularly associated with the New Post button in the admin bar. Never use it.

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