WordPress deleted my media section on my dashboard

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    I was uploading images to my Media Section in the back-room of my site.

    I was uploading bit by bit and had successfully uploaded 13mb of jpeg pictures. When I began to upload more, the last three images all said ‘crunching…’ and then there was an error message saying on the lines of “you don’t have permission to have a media section”.

    I really don’t know how this happened and now the media option is not on my dashboard. Anyone know what happened or how I can get it back?

    I have only just started this site so there isn’t much up and now I don’t want to upload pics to separate posts…



    The blog I need help with is calewaddacor.wordpress.com.


    This EXACT same thing just happened to me a few moments ago! I mean seriously, there were only 113 images, they totaled about only 7.7MB, and when the uploader halted it said “HTTP Error” and the last three images were stuck on “100%, Crunching.”

    I was just getting started too, I was uploading the images in preparation for a Livejournal import.

    I sent a message to support using the link within the “Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting” message that appeared on my Dashboard.

    I haven’t heard anything back yet though…I have no idea what happened. Is there any way to chat with WordPress.com folks, by IM or something?



    Yes, i have no idea. Now I tried to ignore that and carry on with other stuff on the site and then I couldn’t create any new posts or pages…

    I then got that message that you just described above. I think the server sensed some bad content being uploaded or something might be wrong with it.

    I sent in a message as they requested (error report) so I’m waiting too. Probably will be a while before they get back to us. Sorry I don’t have IM so I guess here is the place. I’m new to wordpress too, so this is a disappointment


    I worded that poorly, I meant “IM” in so far as a link to “click here to chat with someone” functionality…you know like when you’re on a public library site or buying stuff from a web store (no actual IM account needed). I was curious because WordPress.com mentions “24/7 Support” in a bunch of places, and often being able to chat with someone is what’s implied by that (though not here, as far as I can tell so far).

    This is a major bummer. I guess we’ll just wait on our error reports…



    Haha no worries… I don’t think so. So yes, we’ll have to wait… I’ve been looking through the support sections and the forum but can’t find anything relating to our problem. I’m off now and will be hoping to return with much needed help.



    WordPress.COM never sleeps – this thread has been marked for staff attention – also filing a support ticket is good as only the staff can look at the back end of your blog to see what went wrong. The staff at times can get a bit back-logged at times but they do work very hard to keep things running well.


    Where does one go to file a support ticket? I was looking for a ticket system in the “Contact Support” section of the web site but couldn’t find one…that’s why I ended up browsing these forums. Could you help some n00bz out with some “click here then here” directions or perhaps a direct URL?

    Thanks for the quick reply, auxclass!


    Go to http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ and search for anything at all and then at the bottom, click the “no” button and the contact form will appear to file a support ticket.


    Done! Thanks very much…I’d been clicking through links without trying the search field.


    You are welcome. Staff are trying to get the bulk of people to search since 90% of what people contact staff for is in the support documents here. With around 25 million sites here you can imagine how many support tickets are filed each day.


    Thanks everyone, I received an e-mail reply from staff this morning that the issue had been resolved. Hope that happened for you too, calewaddacor!


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