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    So I purchased a new domain for my blog (originally thewwaitingroom.wordpress.com) through WordPress and now it’s HannahKarenaJones.com. It’s been nearly 48 hours and it’s still not working, making my blog completely inaccessible for the same length of time. I understand that sometimes you have to wait as long as 72 hours, but I think I’m missing a critical step.

    Am I supposed to Edit the DNS? If so, how do I do it? I’ve read the instructions about fifteen times and have come to the conclusion that the instructions are really only for people who purchased a domain through another website, like GoDaddy.com, and need to redirect it to WordPress. I assume that having bought the domain through WordPress, it takes care of the DNS for me. Because if that’s not the case, where do I get the DNS tools? With my register being WordPress, they’ve never provided any nameservers.

    Every time I try to verify my new domain, it tells me that I either need to “hold my horses for 72 hours” or “it hasn’t been properly registered” and the DNS needs editing and the “third step” to map the new domain to my blog has not been done….BUT HOW DO I DO IT?

    I’m freaking out because a major city newspaper interviewed me and the article is coming out this week–if it directs people to my blog that doesn’t currently exist, it’s a huge missed publicity opportunity! Should I just set my old domain address to the dominant one in the meantime? I need my blog up and running again in some form or another ASAP! Please help!

    The blog I need help with is hannahkarenajones.com.



    Domain Not Registered
    It looks like the domain hannahkarenajones.com has not been registered. You can register and associate it with your blog from your domain management screen.

    Did you miss this step? http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/#setting-the-primary-domain



    Registering it? Yes, I paid WordPress.com for the domain. This is the confirmation email I got:

    Your WordPress.com Upgrades were purchased successfully.

    Item: Domain Registration – hannahkarenajones.com mapped to http://thewwaitingroom.wordpress.com
    Cost: $18.00

    Item: Private Registration for http://thewwaitingroom.wordpress.com
    Cost: $8.00



    That’s not what I asked. Did you follow all the steps required such as setting the primary domain? http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/#setting-the-primary-domain



    Yes, I set the primary domain to HannahKarenaJones.com.



    One of our staff members (thesacredpath) answered you in your other thread.

    Hi there, the domain purchase did not go through with our partnering registrar. I have added credits to your account so that you can now purchase your domain, mapping and private registration.

    I’m closing this thread for now.

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