WordPress editor is erasing my quotes

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    I’ve run into the problem several times and would like a solution. I run the blog http://blessedatheist.com/ an online bible study and when I quote from other online bibles and then save the draft, after the page reloads there is often some portion of my quote missing. It’s not very consistent. Most times it’s when I do several quotes in a row. It has even taken out entire paragraphs of my own writing that were after the quoted material. In the place of the missing text there is a small icon of an anchor or perhaps a blunted arrow. If several small quotes are missing, several small anchor icons appear in the editor window. Does anyone know why this happens or how I can fix it. I am running this off of a mac 10.5 and the latest Safari.

    The blog I need help with is blessedatheist.com.



    You wouldn’t happen to be writing posts in Word or something, or grabbing copy straight off the web and pasting it into the Visual editor, are you? That always leads to problems.

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