WordPress editor removes ASCII email obfuscate

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    I need to be able to display many email addresses of my contacts for information purposes and want to obfuscate the email addresses to avoid some of the spam harvesting.

    I searched the forums and found this page which encoded the email address very well.

    But, when I switch between visual and HTML, WordPress strips out all of the ASCII encoding and displays it in readable form defeating the whole point. Is there a way to wrap the email address so that wordpress leaves it alone? The sourcecode tags don’t work since they just leave the ascii code as is which also defeats the point.

    I don’t want to use graphic images and would prefer not to use a contact form. I’ve found references for functions if I were using the wordpress.org model, but, is there a way to do this on WordPress.com?

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is tommythompsonworkshops.com.



    I know the blog http://onecoolsite.wordpress.com has several different solutions that are WP.com specific. Try a look around there; if memory serves, there’s more than one post there about it.



    There are several alternatives found in this post.
    Eluding email address spam bots



    Thank you, however, http://onecoolsite.wordpress.com/2007/10/18/eluding-email-address-spam-bots/ is where I started…

    The problem is that WordPress strips out the ascii encoding. I encode the email string, paste it into the HTML editor and then when I view it and go back into the HTML editor, WordPress has transposed it back into human readable form.



    There are some issues like this, and they exist across all WP platforms that I can see (ie MU, .com, and .org). The only solution I’ve found is to make sure NOT to view in the visual editor after I’ve put in things that are sensitive like that. Any visual work I do before putting in the touchy code. Certainly not an ideal solution, but it does work.



    ok. thanks alot! that appears to work, but, I agree, is not ideal…

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