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    I’m thinking about creating a WordPress site thru my Siteground host, for the purpose of education. I’d like to build a site for all my EFL classes. I’m now using Moodle, and am frustrated & disappointed in that dinosaur.

    I have questions for the people here who have experience using WordPress as a class homepage platform:

    First is which to go with, a WordPress education theme or plug-in? I’ve got 18 classes of 7 separate subjects at 3 different universities. That’s about 400 students. Theme or plug-in, which can handle this load?

    Secondly, what about tracking? Can themes or plug-ins, or both help me track Ss?

    Another Q is flexibility. Themes or plug-ins, which can handle uploading files, self-testing quizzes, and videos?

    Any help to clear the fog on this topic for me would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is stepanczuk.wordpress.com.



    This forum is only for websites hosted on the WordPress.com platform.

    Because you are hosting on Siteground and taking advantage of WordPress.org features, you’ll want to post your question on the self-hosted (or WordPress.org) forums at https://wordpress.org/support/

    It sounds like you’ll want to make sure of a Learning Management System (or LMS) and there are several that work with WordPress.

    Good luck with your project!



    Oops. My mistake. Thanx for the heads-up.

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