WordPress Feed to Javascript?

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    In the simplest sense, I want to have my blog entries appear in an HTML web-page, styled with CSS to look like the web-page. I would like a date format with the MDY and correct time (not 5 hours ahead, I live in EST) with the post’s description underneath, not the full text.

    I have been trying to do this with Feed2JS. http://feed2js.org, with mixed results. I have tried the various feed extensions for the url; feed/rss, feed/atom, etc. but I get different combinations of accurate dates, description text, full text and sometimes no text at all. I have tested the feed2js with ‘major’ site feeds such as the NYT and CNN without any problems. Therefore I’m not sure if the issue lies in wordpress itself or if there is a unique way wordpress handles feeds which is contradictory to the way feed2JS processes them.

    I hope that explains my problem well enough, if anything is confusing, please let me know.

    The blog I’m working with is Metascapes & ; metascapesand.wordpress.com. I just started it, so it isn’t really fleshed out. Maybe the problem lies in there, I don’t know.

    Can anyone please help me with this. I’m open to trying other ways of doing this to get the results I want. If you know one, please share. feed2JS was simple so I decided to start there and for feeds from other sites it does work.


    The blog I need help with is metascapesand.wordpress.com.


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