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    between trying for over a month to get it right, find and upload and blah blah I am given up. WordPress is the most difficult, convuloted, complex platform every conceived by man, that’s right you know some man did this. I thought it was so cool at first until I attempted to actually create something OMG, countless hours wasted!!!!!!! Do not use. You guys ruined blogging for me and totally took the fun away.

    The blog I need help with is ententeconsult.wordpress.com.



    It can be a bit complicated at firm, but once you get the hang of things, it is actually a pretty good platform. I am sure this thread will be moderated for your choice curse words, but maybe you should ask for assistance in setting things up before ranting?



    You know, if you’d asked a question in the technical support forum instead of using it for venting, you probably could have gotten the guidance you needed to succeed months ago. You obviously know how to find the forum; whose fault is it that you didn’t use it?



    Have you people read the About page on the blog linked to the username?



    Yes. Quite the “focus on Web 2.0” eh?



    I’m so very impressed … (rolling eyes skyward).


    so sorry you feel this way kiddo…i am new to wordpress and so far it has been a snap to use with really neat tools to manage my blog and monitor traffic. keep the faith and don’t give up! this is as solid and ease of use platform as you will likely find. try again.


    Dear dudes and dudettes – I have indeed asked for assistance, consulted various forums, read through many a documentation on both wordpress and other intelligent sites, as well as bought several books. So tell me this, how much time does one need to devote to something in order to find the answer to a so-called simple procedure? Hmm?

    Yes, well aren’t you all quite clever. I have read my own about page too. Funny isn’t it? However, there are literally millions of folks on here struggling with the same thing as I am. We cannot all be engineers or programmers or new media gurus, now can we?

    Thanks anyway.


    Oh, thanks for the encouragement @theobsserverinternational. At least some of you rock :)



    Are you getting paid for setting up the blog in question?



    Is this for real?! Miss ententeconsult, were you looking to order that slimming gel on Amazon.com and somehow ended up creating a blog at WP???

    “WordPress is the most difficult, convuloted, complex platform every conceived by man”

    You know what is even more difficult? …ok I’m not gonna say it…

    Probably, and now the client is pressing where that website (not blog) is.


    It took me hours to figure out we had no access to our templates. lol Then spent the rest of the day staring at the dashboard clicking every link a dozens of times each until I figured out what the story was.



    It is readily apparent that this is the FIRST and ONLY time this user has posted in the Help forum:


    So, I’m really not sure how much of the rest to believe.

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