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Wordpress? for forum?

  1. is it ok to use WordPress to create forum site?

  2. I don't think it would work very well. Blogs work best when only a small number of people post on them.

    Dr Mike has made some other suggestions when people have asked about it before: maybe you could do a search of the Forum typing "Forum" into the search box. That should bring up the suggestions he's made.

  3. there are other sites which uses wordpress and come with a forum plugin. you can search for that in a search engine.

  4. Are there? That shows you what I get for not checking over at

  5. i'm referring to bloghosts that uses the wpmu, though i think this feature is available at too.

  6. There's forum plugins for wordpress. I use this one on my own personal blog although I've gotten reports that it has issues. (I note that it's been upgraded yet again.) bbpress will also use the wp user tables if you want to merge that into an off site blog as well.

    But to answer the question, you can use for a forum site where a member of your blog makes a post and allows others to comment. I'd go find a free forum host though. There are better methods out there.

    Hope this helps,

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