WordPress for iPhone – “Invalid post ID”

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    I have been using the WordPress app on my iPod Touch for a while now, but just recently a post I wrote can’t be uploaded, giving me the error message

    Communication Error
    Invalid post id.

    I originally wrote the post without an internet connection, then tried to save it, but forgot to set the status to “Local Draft”, meaning that it tried to upload it but couldn’t – it froze and I had to restart the app.
    This is really annoying, as it is a very long post, and I don’t want to have to rewrite it.
    My blog is http://tamasys.wordpress.com/ if that helps…
    Any ideas on the cause and solution?



    Um… bump, if I may?


    My suggestion is to contact the wordpress iphone app support directly on this since none of the volunteers here, that I know of have any experience with it. I downloaded it onto my touch, but have yet to use it.




    Thanks for that – I didn’t realise there was a specific support section for it.


    You’re welcome.



    Hmm… I’ve left a comment there, but almost two weeks later I still have no reply – they haven’t even moderated it yet. Very annoying. Anyone know another way to contact them? I’m thinking it will be easier to just manually type it out…

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