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    Well, I kinda wanted to post this but didn’t know where so here it is, Ripped from my blog http://chronotron.wordpress.com.

    WordPress is without doubt a ‘State-Of-Art’, powerful, sleek but simple blogging service designed to give bloggers the ultimate blogging experience. WordPress’s recently introduced instant Sign-Up System has received enormous exposure in the Blogging Community and WordPress is growing continuously and so is its member database. This Review will extensively cover all about WordPress’s Online Instant Blog-Setup and features and also lay out its pros and cons and how to best manipulate WordPress.

    First Impression is best impression is what people generally say but you have to deny that in the case of WordPress. From all that you’ve heard and seen in the Blogosphere, you excitedly rush to see WordPress.com but there a disappointment awaits you. There is an ordinary run-of the mill white layouted site awaiting you there with much attractiveness and if you try out WordPress’s Top Blog – Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger (which is what you would normally do), you would be further put off by the lack of a design. But it doesn’t take a brave blogger to overcome all this and still excited as you are you rush to sign in.

    Registering is a Breeze, no there aren’t any Age, Occupation, Gender, blah, blah options here. Sweet and simple, just your Blog URL, Title, Email Address and the Language (which includes a huge list of almost 200). A Smooth and simple registration process and you instantly get an email informing you of your password and account. Please do be careful of your Subdomain, as once chosen it can never be changed. So you automatically jump into the decent looking WordPress Admin Panel/Dashboard, which may initially put off with it’s big text but it will be love at second sight as soon as you start realizing WordPress’s brilliant features. It may take some time for you to learn, explore and get adjusted to WP’s Dashboard so it’s good to check out everything and experiment.

    The Dashboard has been decently and creatively designed keeping in mind the needs, and aspirations of all bloggers. The Main window is simply a portal-like thing, which gives you links to the Top WordPress Blogs, your posts, comments and more, plus you can view all the new things that have happened to your blog right here. What I loved was a special box that shows all the external pages linking to you. Recently added, WordPress has an excellent Blog Stats system, which none of the other services have taken care of. A Simple Flash Graph, List of Referrers and most Viewed Posts give you all that you want to know about your blog for the past 2 days. However, an extensive Stats System (maybe similar to StatCounter), which gives more about your blog’s activity like “Most Viewed/Commented Posts Ever”, “Comparisons”, “Top Referrers of All Time” and more would definitely delight our eyes. The Top Referrers box is a boon for all bloggers showing how our visitors come in. A Cool thing here is that our own visits don’t count, so WP is truthful!

    Writing a New Post is child’s play with loads of unique features like Allowing Pings, Comments, Easily choosing Categories, Password Protecting and more will make blogging drop-dead easy for you. Something in WordPress that no body else has ever thought of before is Adding Pages. Apart from News Items, WP also allows you to create New Pages that will be fully linked to in the main page (no limits either), with the same options as above thus enabling you to have much more than that “About Me” link. If slightly manipulated, WP can be used as a powerful Content Management System (CMS). Moreover, WordPress provides a powerful WYSIWYG editor for those who do not have much HTML Knowledge and a simple editor for the rest of us. One disappointing thing here is that, WordPress does not provide instant table-like alignment for Images and it has to be done using <table> tag, which many do not know. WP also allows you to upload images on the spot and just drag them into your content box. You can easily manage/edit your posts, comments, categories (having sub-categories), manage spam comments and also moderate comments here. You can train Sniffer to catch spam rightly by simply specifying what you feel is spam. Plus each layout allows you to feature loads of links to your favorite blogs, sites, etc in your nav bar. What rocks me here is that, you can also categorize links, give them descriptions, manage them and even import them but each layout shows links, descriptions in it’s own way, so it’s always better to look 3-4 times at each layout.

    Thoroughly impressed until these, a user is let down the moment he steps to look at the Themes. WordPress has only 12 Themes out of which only 7 are unique (as many themes look have similar styles). The Default theme would have been the best looker of them all if not for the plain, white-ness. If WP introduces an enhanced Default Theme, I for one would jump over to it. If however, you want to install wordpress on your host’s server, then tons of external themes are available. One thing that terribly disappointed me was the lack of modding/customizing your layout by adding your own banner, editing colors slightly and changing certain alignments. WordPress definitely lets users down in this feature. Moving on, WP has great user options with extensive 5 user levels and the admin can personally control what each user’s limit is. Finally, there are extensive options to mod your Blog, from title, to Sub-Title, Dates, Comments, etc and even an option to delete your blog. A Last word here is that WP’s Admin Panel is the most extensive one that I have ever seen in my life as a Webmaster (Other than VB’s) and it’s a treat for all eyes alike.

    At last, Moving Away from the Panel itself, WordPress seems to be having certain arrangements (internally) with Technorati, IceRocket and More. So, the first time you start your blog, just go and give your URL to Technorati and IceRocket, or possibly from Ping-O-Matic, and you’ll have no problems. Plus Technorati will index your post just 2 minutes after you post it, which is quite cool. Moreover, if you have proper categories, then those will be the tags for Technorati. But the disappointment in WordPress is the lack of a box for Technorati Tags. It is irritating to type the HTML each time for it but a Firefox Extension like Performancer can be used, I suppose. Another utter disappointment in the case of WordPress is that it currently does not allow & support the use of Google Ads or external HTML, counters, Javascript, etc in the right menu. Only Links are allowed and not even text. And No, It is not possible for users to use their smartness and try having Google Ads or Counters, cause WordPress has taken care of it.

    As for RSS, users have absolutely no worry. WordPress provides a separate feed for the whole blog, comments, and for each category and you don’t have to do anything for this, it’s automatic. WordPress also provides dozens of other fascinating features like HTML Validity, Static Page Links, giving bots an easy time, plus automatic notification of other blogs linking to your posts in the comments, multiple time zones and loads more making wordpress the obvious choice, whatever your blogging need may be.

    However, WordPress does have some disadvantages and most of them have been mentioned above, the worst of them being the lack of themes and option not available for users to edit themes. For a Search Engine Optimizer Like me, the 2nd was the lack of Meta Tags in the blog, rendering it one-step down in all Search Engines. Moreover, currently WordPress does not support Domain Pointers and Matt Hints that they may be paid. But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages plus WordPress’s Dedicated Team provide great support and read every single grievance you say, so they are of a different kind. Moreover, most of these disadvantages are quashed if you host WordPress on your host’s server, and install a couple of plugins.

    The Bottomline is something I need not mention, I’m biased 100% towards wordpress due to it’s features capturing me in a trance and blasting other free services like Blogger and Movable Type out of the way. Without Doubt, WordPress is one of the most elite Blogging Services Today and with a few new features, it will definitely emerge on top of the Blogosphere, no doubt.
    Long Live the Revolution!!

    Rocker Rating::
    Overall :: 8.5/10 – Brilliant

    Pros:: Top Admin Panel, Auto-Pinging, Great Comment Protection, Easy Adding Pages, Referrers, 100% Validity, Feeds, Links, Instant Blog-Setup & Loads More.

    Cons:: Lack of Meta Tags, Low Themes, No Theme Editing Option, Lack of Domain Pointering, Non-Allowal of Google Ads, Counters, Bad Basic Site Theme.



    You like capital letters, don’t you?



    Excellent Review. Thanks for doing all this research.



    Thanks Picturenet and yes, I do like caps. It’s not like I’m weak in grammar/spelling but I do like using it. Gives my posts a richer look!



    Thanks, that was very helpful. I’m hoping that by the time my TypePad subscription expires this summer, WordPress.com will have the lacking features you mentioned. Meanwhile, I’m starting to build the new blog, so your info really helps me see what I can and cannot do.

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