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Wordpress Goals

  1. After publishing my 5980th post, to the side of the screen a pop up appeared saying congratulations on publishing 5980 posts and that I had completed a WordPress goal. So how do I find out what other wordpress goals there are...if there are wordpress goals? Was that just a spam pop up?

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  3. Okay the link to my blog is

    I'm posting because if there are more WordPress goals out there it would be cool to reach some of them. I plan to get to 10000 Posts one day, so it would be cool if there's a goal for that. Of course it could have just been spam, but I would like to know for sure.

  4. Wow, somebody out there with more posts than me! Respect!

  5. Does this explain what you are seeing? Get Instant Feedback When You Publish

  6. @Raincoaster Thanks!

    @Timethief Yeah that's exactly it. Thanks!

  7. You're welcome. :)

  8. It seems is really struggling to retain people to blog. I honestly don't have a need for this sidebar and the information in it, and it is going to be one more annoyance to handle.

  9. Never mind, I take my comments back. There is an option to turn this off. Plus one for providing options to bloggers.

  10. @ismailimail
    Like you I'm an experienced blogger and I don't have a need for it either but I'm beyond the annoyance level now. Some may find it to be useful. I'm a big fan of choices. Too bad there is not a way to disable it.

  11. No, I think there is an option, I have just turned Instant Post Feedback option off. I also see an option to turn off the falling snow on other sites.

  12. Rats! I didn't read the very last sentence in the announcement - my bad!
    "you can turn Instant Post Feedback off from your Dashboard, at Settings, Users, Personal Settings."

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