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Wordpress & Google?

  1. I have an issue with the fact that WordPress is now working with Google. The reason why I am concerned is because WordPress is supposed to be a website that let's people make their own blogs, and so it seems to infringe on peoples' rights that they should be suggested to connect with Google+. Another issue is that Google is a corporate conglomerate giant that has been creating a monopoly on the internet for some time now. They have already taken over Blogspot, YouTube, and now it seems to me that Google wants to take over WordPress. I have a big issue with that because I am against corporate monopoly. Also, Google has been notorious for infringing upon the rights to privacy of the individual by targeting advertisements on things that people search for. Google, like any other big company, has ties to the Government, and so this system that we are under is a slave system; not only are the common people forced under giving into monopolies, but they are forced to have their private information handed to big companies as well as government.

    If WordPress is really a website for common people, then it should not at all associate with Google, and should in fact be against Google for their unwarranted aggression and abuse of power. This complete out-of-control consolidation of power and influence needs to stop.

  2. Are you off your nut or what? No one has to become a Google + member. Whether or not one choose to become a member of any social network or use any app is up to the individual. Why are you trying to create the impression that isn't so?

  3. P.S. This forum can be used for blogging related discussion pertaining to blogging. If you intend to share your opinions online about Google owning Blogger and Google+ then I suggest you do it on Blogger blogs and on Google + and/or on your own blog please. If you continue to post idiocy here lest some of us choose to place your paranoia and conspiracy theories under a microscope and invite you to get back on your meds.

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